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Stride Box |Making Mail Day Fun Again|

I was sent a Stride Box to review. The opinions are my own and truthful. This post also contains affiliate links which I may get compensated for and I would love it if you used them)


As an adult getting the mail is typically not overly fun. I do not know about you, but my mailbox is usually filled with junk mail, magazines I never have time to read and of course…bills. I can say that I do have some pretty awesome friends and family that are so good about sending cards on special occasions so I do look forward to that. I have signed up for a few subscription services like Stitch Fix ( and Hello Fresh (  but those awesome packages arrive on the doorstep- so finding something fun like a Stride Box in my mailbox brought quite a smile to my face.

So what exactly is Stride Box? Stride Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers runners with running goodies to try out! You receive some full size and some sample size items from a variety of companies. The box will include, but it’s not limited to: nutritional bars, gels, drinks, snacks, apparel, gadgets, skincare and hygiene products, as well as other accessories.

inside of box.png

What did my Stride Box Have in it? The first thing I was excited to find in my Stride Box was “The Stride Guide“. This gave me all the need to know info for each and every product in my Stride Box. It showed the product logo, name of product, brief overview of product (some even including a discount code), when the product should be used (before, after, during, or anytime), the website to find the full size product, and the price. I love that all that info can easily be found in one little place!!! The box also had a card which had a 20 minute Leg Workout for runners on one side and a recipe for Clean eat Energy Bars on the other side!
HelloFresh delivers great recipes and fresh ingredients to your home each week.

Here are the products that I received in my Stride Box:


Raw Rev Glo Bar– This is a high fiber, vegan bar that is recommended to be used before or after a workout. I got the Crunchy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt flavor which I cannot wait to try!


Nature’s Nate- All Natural Honey. This is like the cutest thing ever and the perfect all-natural fuel for a long training run! This can be used before, during or after a workout!


Glukos- Energy Drink Powder. This Glukos drink powder can be used before or during a workout to give you almost instant energy!


Protes-Zesty Nacho Protein Snack Chips. These vegan baked crisp chips are great anytime or after a hard workout. Protes are the perfect quick snack to help satisfy that chip craving!


Prince Of Peace-Ginger Honey Tea Crystals and Candy. These products are a great way to comfort your stomach and a 100% natural way to support healthy digestion. These are good anytime and the perfect blend of healthy, sweet and spicy.


Lightload Towels-Compressed Towels. These little guys are awesome and so perfect for the crazy hot and humid weather we are having! You can stuff these in your pocket, running belt or pocket. Once you put a few drops of water on the towel it expands to a 12 x 12 inch towel. The towels can be washed and reused as well!

pink belt.pngSport Belt– This was probably the coolest thing I got in my Stride Box. This ultra thin sport belt has two expandable zippered pockets to hold all the things while running- think phone (yes my iPhone 6 fit!!), chews, keys, ect.  This belt can be bought on the Stride Box website for 12.99 which is a great price for a running belt!

A motivational sticker also sent in my Stride Box!


All in all I really liked and enjoyed the variety of items that was sent in my Stride Box. I think this would be a great monthly subscription for any runner/athlete and also a great gift for any runner friends. Each box is $15.00 (unless you only gift one box and then it is $20.00). If I were you I would definitely add this to your next “wish list”!

Do you have a favorite subscription box?

5 thoughts on “Stride Box |Making Mail Day Fun Again|

  1. I’m intrigued. That looks like a fun subscription box. I am currently not subscribing to anything and I haven’t tried any runner-themed subscription boxes.


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