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Delivery Time #6: [Stitch Fix Review]


This post contains affiliate links (including my Stitch Fix referral link). I receive a small commission each time someone signs up for a Stitch Fix subscription for the first time! I do however still pay for each Stitch Fix I review so the review is my opinion completely.

 Stitch Fix delivery day is one that I literally look forward to all month. I never thought I would enjoy this clothing styling service as much as I do but I now find myself constantly gravitating to my stitch fix items when I get dressed in the morning. I have had some consistently good fixes and I really have been trying to give good feedback and keep my “dress to impress” pinterest board up-to-date with clothing styles and items I like.

I decided to do a live “box opening” using the new story feed through Instagram. While I hate hearing and seeing myself on video I thought it would be fun to share what I got in my box! Be sure to check it out, my username is kstewjones.

Toms | Desert Wedge Booties. I loved everything about these booties except for one thing.. any guesses? Yep that $89 price tag hit me in the gut hard. I was hesitant to try them on because I knew I would like them and feel the need to keep them. The look of these booties are super cute and I liked the color- that as you can see look almost greyish in my picture but more sand/tan color from the Stitch Fix app. Regardless of color, I LOVED THEM.


Recee C | Bowler V-Neck Polka Dot Pullover Sweater. On first glance I thought this may be the perfect sweater to add to my already pretty large collection. I paired it with the Just Black jeans (more info on them coming later). As you can see even with it being a size small it was still kind of big. I liked the polka dot pattern and the color combo but I definitely was not in love with it.

Colette | Chavez Pop Color Cuff Knit Top. When I took this top out of the box I knew I would be keeping it. I have been very into stripes lately and the pop of color on the sleeves was too cute to resist. I paired this top with some black leggings to see how it looked with that. I was happy with the length and the way it laid.

As I started thinking about what items I REALLY wanted to keep I started to get second thoughts on this top. I did get sent a kind of similar one a few months ago in Stitch Fix #4 but after closer examination in the closet it was pretty different. I wondered if had anything else to pair this top with to make it worth the $54 price tag so I tried it on with a work skirt and I was pretty happy with how it looked!


Just Black | Joey Skinny Jean. How does Stitch Fix find these super amazingly cute, comfortable and soft jeans? I have been three for three on the times they have sent me denim and loved them. Not only do they always fit perfect, but they are some soft and comfortable I do not want to take them off! These are the perfect length (for me) and will look great with flats and booties or allow me to wear boots over them. While I love my summer time weather, I cannot wait for it to cool down so I can wear these jeans!

Renee C | Christopher Split Neck Top. This top has “fall” written all over it. Once you put it on all you need is a pumpkin spice latte and you are set! The material is very soft and light weight and it has a cute little v neck line. This top is not really my “style” per say but I really liked it a lot especially paired with the jeans and booties!

After some debated, texting friends pictures and re-trying a few things on I only ended up keeping two things. If you already saw my Instagram story then the secret is out but I ended up keeping the amazing jeans and the pop color striped top!


After making my final decision I packed up the other three items in the prepaid package. One new option that Stitch Fix now offers is the opportunity to exchange sizes if an item does not fit! If you look at the pictures from the app you will see the “exchange size” option right under the keep/return options. I am glad they now do this since there has been times I have liked a piece but it just did not fit correctly. Overall I am happy with fix #6. I already have my next fix scheduled for the beginning of October and requested more cute fall items but please send items with a lower price tag.

If you think you would like to try out Stitch Fix and their styling service use this link to sign up and schedule your first fix! I really like using the app and find it makes it extremely simple to adjust any of your style requests as well as check out after your first fix arrives! I hope you enjoyed reading about my 6th fix and try it out for yourself sometime soon!

What was your favorite item from this fix?


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