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Month-End Madness [August]


Total Miles: 80.2 Considering my training plan only calls for 3 runs a week I guess this isn’t that bad. I did miss my long run last weekend due to scheduling conflicts between me and the hubs and him working but I am ready to get back on track and start really ramping up those miles! For the year I have now logged 628.2 miles.

Fun places I ran: This month I was able to break out a little and run a few different places. I did my usual Bayside run, some Track Tuesdays (which I MISS A LOT and will have to start doing at night or weekends), and a visit or two to the Ocean City Bordwalk. I also was on family vacation and was able to run a few mornings there. While the route was pretty boring (down a sidewalk and back) it was nice to be somewhere different… I also caught some Pokemon!

For one of our longer training runs Kelly, Amy and myself also hit the streets of my town and took a visit to Maryland! How fun to be able to actually be in two places at once.. A mother’s dream come true!

state line pic

Amount of change I found this month: 90 cents! Finding change my while running has become an addiction. What is fun is that now a lot of my runner friends are also starting to find change! I love it when they tag in #PaidRun pictures. So far this year I have found $8.73!

I am still on the hunt for that day I find some real cold hard cash, however I was equally excited on the day I found 12 pennies to accompany my 12 mile training run.

long run, lots of change


Races I ran: NONE. There were only a few that I was interested in but I was not able to get to the starting line of any. As September is now here, I already have a few lined up. Today I will be running in the Run, White and Blue and hopefully making it to another Labor Day Weekend Race that I mentioned on my last post. The Fall is when my race schedule really picks up so stay turned for lots of race photo fun over the next few months!

Favorite thing about running this month: Track Tuesdays! We had some great showings for Track Tuesday and I loved the variety it brought to my training schedule. Each week we had at least 4 girls there to hit the track and complete whatever the assigned workout was.


I also was able to meet up with Cynthia from You Signed up For What? for a long run. She was in a nearby beach town for a family vacation and we chatting and decided to meet up for a run! We had a goal of 11 miles but between the humidity and heat, we settled for 10 miles. It was really cool meeting and running with someone who you interact with over social media and then finally get to meet. The miles fly by as we chatted and I got to show her my favorite place to run!


Some non-running related things I have enjoyed about this month: Two main things stick out in my mind. First vacation in the Outer Banks. This has been a family tradition for YEARS and I look forward to it all year long. We rotate between a few different towns within the Outer Banks and this year we landed in Rodanthe. We saw some AMAZING sunsets, some very quick sun rises and enjoyed the pool, beach and aquarium. The best part about this trip was how relaxing it was. We went the week right before us teachers started back at school so it was so nice to just enjoy each day and not worry about the school year that was about to start.


I also saw the sign below. This is now my go-to mantra. Often I can find myself getting caught up in the grind and I forget to smile. How sad is that? Well not anymore- You all know a smile can go along way so I am making it a priority to smile and enjoy life!


My other enjoyment for the month has been the new Garmin App called FACE-IT. With this app you can set your watch background as a picture of your choice! I really liked playing around with this on Garmin 235 and setting pictures that are currently my favorites! I am hoping they will add some improvements and add the date, battery life and maybe even step count to this already cool feature!

face it

Longest run of the month: 12 SOLO MILES! This was my longest solo run to date and honestly I enjoyed it. I set my watch to 4:00 run/ 1:00 walk intervals and hit the pavement. I divided my run into two sections and the miles flew by! It was such a great feeling when I was done knowing I just conquered 12 miles by myself and was done by 8:00 am! I am hoping to bottle up that excitement and energy and apply it to my other long runs I will have coming up over the next few months leading up to Richmond!

What’s in store for September:

I am back to racing this month! To kick off the month I am participating in the Run, White & Blue 5k, and later in the month my favorite race- the Dogfish Dash 8k! This is always a favorite and this year it is on my birthday! woo hoo! I also am hoping to do the Bottle and Cork 10 miler and cross off some longer 13+ mile training runs!

What was your favorite thing about August? How do you adjust and make a new routine for back to school time?

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