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Month-End Madness: July


Before I even begin to recap my month of July I must apologize for my few and far between posts. While I do have plenty of fun things I could blog about I just cannot find the time to actually sit down and type them out! I do frequently post on Instagram (kstewjones) and Snapchat (kstewjones) so follow me there for more of an accurate story of how my summer is going!

Total Miles: 80.7 which brings me to a total of 548 for the year!

hat and plants

Fun places I ran: This month I was able to mix it up a little bit and run a few different locations including Trap Pond (which I will not be visiting anytime soon due to the bugs.. ugh I do not even want to talk about it), Ocean Pines (which will have a full trail review coming soon) Bayside Community (my go-to running place), Laurel with Amy and Kelly, the local track and around town.


Amount of change I found this month: while not quite as much as last month, I did find 93 cents in July. This brings my year-to-date found change amount to $7.83!

Races I ran: I originally had planned to run the Buffalo Stampede on July 16th but between my lack of running due to being sick earlier in the month and the hot temperatures the day I decided to skip it. I ended up not running any races this past month which is pretty normal for me. While I do like getting out there and running races I also prefer getting up and getting it done on my own time in the summer.

While I did not RUN any races this month, I did officially sign up for the BaltiMORON-a-thon! This is a new addition to the Baltimore Running Festival this year. It will allow runners to run the 5k at 7:30 am then run the half marathon later on in the morning! I am excited for this double-race as I have never done two races in one day like this! They reward the runners with a special bib and a special medal for being a BaltiMORON! I also signed up for the Surfin’ Snowman when they had the Christmas in July price special! This will be the 4th year I have run this race which takes place in Bethany Beach in December 30th at 4:00 pm.


Favorite thing about running this month:

This month has been filled with lots of group runs from ladies from the Delmarva Moms Run this Town group! I have always liked group runs but the accountability and friendships that blossom from groups runs are just amazing. Our group has some really active members now and our facebook group is filled with great encouragement, running tips and questions and plans to meet up and run together. I love it.

Along with the group runs I started my Richmond Marathon Training Plan. I shared with you that I was attempting a training planned based on Heart Rate that Garmin has on their Garmin Connect site. I must say it has been interesting to start. The first few runs have had my stay in Zone 2. While I am not a super fast or hard runner, I am not in Zone 2 very long while running- this is more of a walking pace zone for me. It has been an adjustment trying to really slow things down and just follow the plan. Amy and I also shared our first “long run” together. The long run did not call for a specific distance, but instead a walk interval in a specific zone, followed by a run a period in a specific zone. We ended up covering over 7 miles in around 1:30 so while the pace was slow- it was a very enjoyable run for us!

Some non-running related things I have enjoyed about this month is the fresh vegetables from my garden and stopping to buy fresh flowers from road side stands. I wish homegrown garden vegetable season never ended….

Longest run of the month: 

I feel like I consistently got back into a running grove this month. I was able to complete 4 7-milers and lots of other runs that were anywhere from 3-6 miles depending on what I felt like doing. I am looking forward to some longer runs next month as my training plan calls for running for a longer period of time which means longer distance as well!

What’s in store for the next month:

Now that it is August it is officially back-to-school month for me. I still have a few weeks of vacation to enjoy the life of no schedule and early morning group runs. I am looking forward to running while on vacation in a few weeks and hopefully keeping my mileage up as we start school later in the month!

What was your favorite thing about July? Have you signed up for any races lately?



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