Stitch Fix Review

Delivery Time #4: {Stitch Fix Review}

The summer is flying by. It is amazing how each and every day can seem so long individually, yet summer itself just flies by. We have had a great summer so far (minus the sickness) and have a few more fun activities planned for our remaining weeks of summer break.

Last week I received my 4th Stitch Fix. As many of you know by now this is a clothing styling and delivery service that allows you to fill out a style profile, pay a $20.00 styling fee and then you are sent 5 items that you can try on in the comfort of your own home. Stitch Fix provides an bag with prepaid postage for you to send anything back that you do not like. If you keep anything the styling fee is applied to your invoice AND if you keep everything you can receive a discount. I have truly enjoyed getting my Stitch Fix each month and recommend you give it a try!

This month I was sent two tank tops, a short sleeve shirt, shorts and a purse! I loved getting the purse. This is something that I had never gotten before and that is one thing I do struggle to shop for- so many choices and I rarely find any that I actually like. Lets get right to the clothes trial!

  1. Sanuck Lattice Detail Top. This was very soft and very comfortable but it was just not something  I needed right now. It was SO light which would be perfect for this humid and hot weather we have been having but I ended up returning this one.

2. Kinzi Henley Knit Top. Again this was cute and I liked the lower cut top (just for something different) but at this point I feel like I have enough tank tops. If you do notice I did try this one with my denim shorts from a previous fix. I still love these shorts! I ended up sending back this tank as well.

3. Rylan Cargo Shorts. When I first looked at my note from my stylist I noticed she wrote some detail about these cargo shorts. I was not quite sure what to expect but as I put them on they 1. FIT PERFECTLY and 2. were so SOFT! I could believe how extremely soft these wore and I knew I had to keep them! They are also a good length and I will be able to wear them during our back to school in-service days which is always a win. These were a keeper!

4. Anica Knit Top. Again my stylist rocks it out with sending me super soft clothes. This top which has a comfortable, loose fit was so cute on I had to keep. With the small colored detail on the pocket and the “button up” back- this again would be something I could wear casually or with my navy school pants!

bag, shirt, and shorts

5. Brooks Cross Body Bag. I was so happy when I opened up my fix and saw this purse. I literally loved everything about it- especially the fact that it was my favorite neutral color, it was a cross body and it had a zipper to close it. I knew as soon as I saw it that even if I kept nothing else, this bag was staying with me! I have already gotten a lot of compliments on it!

Again overall I was very happy with my Fix! If you have any questions about my fix please ASK or want to try it out- feel free to use any of the affiliate links above! Stitch Fix delivery day is one of my favorite days each month! What did you think of my fix this month? What would you keep?

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