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Friday Favorites: More Great Places to Eat at the Beach

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My last food centered post (Best Places to Eat at the Beach) seemed to be so popular I figured I would follow it up with more great places to eat at the beach for this Friday Favorite post.

You already read about some of my favorite go-to restaurants but there are SO many more to add to the list. Below you will find five more of my favorite restaurants at the beach and even some of my favorite items on the menu!


pie is located in Bethany Beach and is my favorite upscale pizza place at the beach. The menu is filled with fresh and innovative pizza ideas and offers different types of personalized sized pizzas. The inside is quaint and rustic and perfect for a pizza date night for two. One of my favorite pizzas was a seasonal special that featured fresh and local peaches, balsamic and other deliciousness. If the peach pizza isn’t available the summertime will do the job featuring crab meat and corn. Be sure to check out their facebook page


Back in Ocean City you will find Fager’s Island. While wildly popular for their Monday Night Deck parties, what you really need to check out is there Fine Dining at sunset. With panoramic views of the Assawoman Bay, Fager’s view is almost amazing as their dinner menu. My hands down favorite meal can be found at Fager’s: Chilean Sea Bass. While it may not sound super exciting the fish will literally melt in your mouth in the delicious plum-glaze sauce it is served with. My husband ALWAYS gets the prime rib and honestly- I do not blame him. The slow-cooked piece of meat could be the best thing EVER- seriously- EVER! If you can plan your reservation correctly you may get to see the sunset and hear the infamous 1812 Overture that is perfectly timed- each and every day!

Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets also located in Ocean City takes going to dinner to a different level. Not only will you enjoy a creative and tasty dinner, you will also get the dining experience of eating in a liquor store. The restaurant serves exquisite cheese trays and even has a cheese bar you can sit and watch them create the beautiful plates. The menu features a creative spin on good ole Grilled Cheese and always has fresh and innovative items. One of the best meals I had at Liquid Assets was Crab stuffed Tomatoes. It was a special and is not on the menu but there has not been a day that goes by that I do think about that meal… sometimes there are just no words. When dining at Liquid Assets be sure to save room for dessert. The homemade donuts may possibly be the most amazing dessert I have ever had -and I have had a lot of desserts in my days. They are served warm and with a sauce that just takes these bad boys to the next level. This may be a situation where you order dessert first and you can thank me later!


The Shark, located in West Ocean City is another place that you just have to go to. They promise real food, from scratch and that is exactly what you will get! For starters you must get the “Shark Bites” this wahoo appetizer is only fitting as you dine at the shark located on the Ocean City fishing Harbor. For dinner the best option is any option. I know it is not fair to be that vague but everything I have ever had there is good. Be sure to check the menu online daily as it is bound to change depending on what is fresh and available. All the items are just topped or accompanied with fresh and local fruits and vegetables which is truly a testament to their  beliefs of keeping things real. Along with this restaurant, they also have a sister restaurant called Culture. This place is another unique and fresh twist on fast casual dining that is a must-visit before leaving the beach. With a menu that changes “culture” once a year (earth day) you will have to add it to your vacation dinner rotation!


Last but not least, for this list anyway is Mother’s Cantina located on 28th street in Ocean City. This place is hopping and it can be credited to its Tex-Mix goodness it is serving up. Last time I went to Mother’s it was packed, but well worth the wait. The Fajitas as seasoned to perfection and the Guacamole & Queso will keep you satisfied until your dinner arrives. One word of caution- avoid trying to dine during happy hour which is tons of fun, but can elongate your wait!

While there are STILL plenty of more great restaurants out there, these are just a few of my other favorites. Do you have a favorite place in the Ocean City, Fenwick, Bethany area? Have you tried any of these places?

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