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Friday Five: {working out on the beach} 

working out at the beach cover

Lately while out and about in my busy little beach town I have seen advertisements for yoga and other workouts on the beach! We have always had one boot camp type workout take place in Fenwick but now it seems that they are taking place up and down the beach and I LOVE IT!

For this Friday Five Link up with Courtney, Cynthia and Mar I am sharing with you 5 places you can work out on the beach with your toes in the sand!

*disclaimer- sadly I have somehow NEVER taken any of these classes, however I have full confidence they are as awesome as they sound! 

hipAHA | Fenwick Island, Delaware

hipAHA has been rocking the beach work since 2007 and provides a calendar full of workouts. From Beach Blast to Kettlebells and a Navy Seal inspired workout you are bound to find something that interests you! I have included their July schedule below! Be sure to read over the parking regulations and check out prices for a punch pass if you plan to take multiple classes!

Where to find more information: Facebook, Twitter , Website

hipaha schedule

Surf and Soul Yoga | Fenwick Island, Delaware

Meg from Surf and Soul Yoga is bringing you Yoga Classes on the beach and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga on the bay. She is currently offering her beach yoga classes at no “charge” but asking for donations instead. Take a look at her schedule and give your self a relaxing workout with your toes in the sand the ocean as your soundtrack.

Beach Yoga takes place on Lighthouse Road and Bunting Avenue on the beach. This is the street that Fishers Pop Corn is on in case you needed a landmark or a snack after your workout!

Where to find more information: Instagram, Facebook, Website

Coastal Athlete | Bethany Beach, Delaware

Moving to a beach slightly North of Fenwick you will find the Coastal Athlete and the Beach Boot Camp. This beach boot camp features no weights or equipment- just hard work and sweat! Currently bootcamp is being offered every Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 8:00-9:00 am on the beach, directly in front of the Bethany Beach Band Stand located on Garfield Avenue. With a drop in price of $10.00 you are sure to get your monies worth!

Where to find more information: Instagram, Website

coastal athlete


Barrevolution | Ocean City, Maryland

Barrevolution has recently opened a Barre Fitness Studio in West Ocean City but has already expanded to offer Barre on the Boards at the Dunes Manor located on 28th Street and further downtown on 6th street. The deck railing serves as your Barre and Yoga mats are provided (you can bring your own if you’d prefer). Currently, Barre on the Boards is being offered Wednesdays, Saturdays at 8:00 at the Dunes Manor and Sundays at Kinda Jerky Really Nutty on 6th street.

Where to find more information: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Lighthouse Dance and Yoga | South Bethany Beach, Delaware

Tucked right in between Fenwick Island and Bethany Beach you will pass a small strip of houses and stores called South Bethany. During this strip you MUST NOT SPEED but should stop in to check out some beach yoga. Beach Yoga is currently taking place every Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM at South 4th Street, South Bethany Beach at the low price of whatever you would like to donate! Come join the talented teacher and start your Wednesday on the right relaxing foot.

Where to find more information: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Now that I filled you with endless options of amazing beach workouts I want to try one every day of the week for the rest of the summer! I am well aware that there are MANY more fitness options at the beach but these are the five I want to try out this summer! 

If you were vacationing with all these options what class would you want to try first?

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