Putting Myself on the Bench {Self-Care Time Out}

Getting the phone call from my doctor’s office confirming I have pnemonia on my second week of summer break is not exactly the kind of fun I planned for this summer. What the phone call did tell me is that I need to slow down, put myself on the bench and do a little self-care time out. 

I often get asked “how do you do it all” but to be honest busy, accomplished and tired is what I choose to know and practice. Unlike some may believe I do say no to things and occasionally I can be a complete lazy bum but honestly when it comes down to it- I like being busy, doing daily activities, running, making memories- all that good stuff. 

When my “sinusy-cold” turned into a 102+ fever and then into side pain I knew it was time to throw in the white flag and head to the doctor. It did not take her long to know I had something icky going on on my left side and sent me right over for a chest x-ray that quickly revealed pnemonia. 

Besides my meds I knew I had to put on the brakes and really stop and take care of myself. I can tell you so far this summer we have had fun, but it has been that non-stop, how many activities can we fit in between sunrise and sunset. I love summer and all it has to offer: farmers markets, picking fresh fruit, library story times, boat rides, beach trips, Funland adventures however looking back I do not think I had to cram it all into my first week off school – lesson learned the hard way of course. 

Running of course is not even on my radar. I go back to the Doctor the first week of July and depending on how that goes will determine when I will lace up again. I also am getting healthy eating habits restored. Amongst the fun I will be the first to admit meal planning of any sorts has been out the window for me. Easy, unhealthy meals, fast food or eating out has ruled the roost and I’m sure did not help with fighting off the original cold that got the pnemonia party started. 

So here I am on the bench and really, really trying to enjoy the slowness of life and not brainstorming what the next fun activity will be. 

Do you have any self-care tips to share with me? 

Have you ever learned to slow down the hard way?


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