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Friday Five: Best Places to eat at the Beach


This week for the Friday Five Link Up  with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia, the topic is food and drink. While I do love eating I am not super creative when it comes to writing about this topic. I started thinking how I could tackle this post and what exactly I could write about and then I remembered that I live in the mecca of AMAZING restaurants!


As many of you know by now I live by Fenwick Island, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland. Yes I live where many of you vacation!

Growing up (and still now) I have an Uncle who has always liked fine dining and has an impeccable taste for good food. I have inherited this gene from him and was so happy when a random couple called me a “foodie” the other day. Working in a great restaurant for all of my teenager through post college years (Warren’s Station) I was always the in-house concierge for other tables looking for other eating suggestions or even things to do while in the area.

Today I want to share with you my favorite places to eat at the beach:

  1. ONE COASTAL. Located in Fenwick Island on Coastal Highway, also known as Route 1, hence the name one costal– this is the perfect place to grab an OUTSTANDING Meal and be taken care of by the best front and back of the house restaurant workers ever. The owners are born and raised local beach babes and love food as much as they love the beach. Carlie and Scott take pride in serving local, homegrown food (a lot of items from their own farm) and put love into every dish that comes out of the kitchen. You cannot go wrong with anything on their menu (that is food or drink wise). If you can save room be sure to order dessert. You can thank me later! Check out their new website and tell them Kristen sent you! One costal
  2. Flying Fish Sushi Café. Located in the Village of Fenwick (across the street from One Coastal), this is one of the best sushi places at the beach. Flying Fish is always closed Monday but brings their A-Game every other day of the week. The signature “Bangkok Dangerous” is out of this world and the “Fireball” is equally amazing. They are always busy so be sure to call and make a reservation! FF.png
  3. Black Smith Berlin. While this is not exactly “at the beach” it is located in my favorite little town of  Berlin. Blacksmith offers casual fine dining that is fresh and local! The restaurant offers a casual and laidback atmosphere with food that will bring you back time and time again. After you grab dinner there walk down the street a little and visit the Brooklyn Baking Barons and grab a signature Honey Whiskey Cake.                                                                                     blacksmith
  4. Harrison’s Harbor Watch Raw Bar. Besides the beautiful view of the Ocean City Boardwalk and Inlet, this raw bar is the best at the beach. This is one of the most unique places to sit and watch all the true and local seafood be cooked right before your eyes! The bartenders/cooks hustle and make fresh, to-order oyster stew, steamed shrimp and shuck oysters like it is the their job (because well, it is their job). If there are not seats at the bar when you get there, it is worth the wait! harrisons
  5. The Grove Market Smokehouse. This little gem is tucked away on Back Creek Road in Bishopville, Maryland. Just slightly off the busy Ocean City strip, this little and extremely eclectic restaurant is more of an experience then anything. With only a handful of tables, no paper menus and mix-matched place settings you are sure to get an out-of-this-world meal! When you go be prepared to take notes and ask a lot of questions as the wait staff verbally tells you each item they are featuring that night on the menu. Do not be surprised if you want one of everything and make your next reservation while you are enjoying dessert. Some must-have specialties: smoked salmon pâté, Scallops, Duck or Catfish and Keylime pie! Be sure to call at least 2 weeks in advance for a reservation and know they only take cash or checks! Leave the plastic at home and enjoy!                   grove


While I know there are SO many other great restaurants in the beach area and I only covered a few, these are my favorites. As this topic is featured once a month I will try and cover a few other of my favorite “beach-eats”.

Where is your favorite place to eat while at the beach?

9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Best Places to eat at the Beach

  1. Oooh I need to come down your way! Those restaurants sound great! I love having a really good meal when I travel and I need to find my way to the beach!

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  2. Sello’s…off menu crab and prosciutto. Never miss it! Fagers…Prime rib….Captains Table….bacon wrapped scallop salad…..Seacrets……ribs or shrimp and mushroom pizza ….Pickles….. Everything bacon cheeseburgers or seafood pizza…..


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