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Month-End Madness {May}


Seriously I feel like I blinked and now May is done and over with! Talk about a fast moving month! While the majority of the month was filled with rain the sun finally did decide to make an appearance and has seemed to bring summer temperatures right along with it!

Total Miles: 70.2 which puts me at 399.6 for the year but who is counting 😉

Fun places I ran:

I kicked off the month with a rainy Ocean City boardwalk run. It was very peaceful and guess kind of set the tone for the rest of the rainy month. Other than that all of my runs took place around my neighborhood or town. I really did not get out to run much this month.

Amount of change I found this month: 

Reagan also enjoys helping me find change. This month I found 86 cents which brings my year-to-date change collection to: $3.57!!

R and change

Races I ran:

I ran two local 5k races (eRace the Stigma and Beach Lacrosse) both pushing the double stroller and the St. Michaels Half Marathon. I also complete my May Olive 5k which is part of the virtual races that Licorice and Olives hosts!

  • eRace the Stigma 5k (2.94)= 27:58
  • St. Michaels Half Marathon=2:08
  • Olive 5k=27:23
  • Beach Lacrosse 5k= 32:07

Favorite thing about running this month:

Using my new Garmin 235. I love the ease of just hitting start and going. I also LOVE all the stats that you can get from the app, and the ease of scrolling through screens while running plus it is really pretty.  I also really love the Augusta Active outfits I was sent to review. They really are comfortable and I plan to get more of the shorts and racerback tanks! Be sure to check out the giveaway for these shorts on my Global Running Day Post!!!


Longest run of the month: 

6.5 miles around town pushing Tanner in the stroller. It was Mother’s Day, he would not nap so we set out for a run. After about 10 minutes he was out cold! I got to enjoy the nice warm weather and a few miles!


What’s in store for the next month:

June started out fun with Global Running Day and will be followed by the Zooma Half Marathon this weekend! Other than that I really do not have much planned. There are a few local 5k races that I may continue to participate in! I would like to run one or two without the stroller to see if I can push it for a PR.

What was your favorite thing about running in May?


4 thoughts on “Month-End Madness {May}

  1. Way to go participating in all these races. Making good time, too 🙂

    My favorite thing about running in May was pushing myself to do longer distances. 11.5 miles is my farthest run so far…. working on a HM that is coming up in July 🙂

    P.S. Also: Hiii, I am a new reader 🙂

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