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Pacing the Race: {Interview with Amy Evans}


You read about our soaked to the sole half marathon on Saturday but what surprised us all the most was how HAPPY Amy was when she met us back at the car. We were soaked, tired and happy to be done but she had a true runners high that we all needed to know about. Below is a short interview with Amy and her first ever experience being a pacer for a race.

All smiles before the race! 
1. What made you want to pace? Why did you pick this specific race?
Someone sent me a message about the company Beast Pacing. They thought I would be great at it. I applied with them, was interviewed and accepted. I picked this race because my friends were already doing it.
2. What was your pace group time? What plan did you have going into the race? 
My finish time was 2:45. So I had to figure out how to pace that finish time because they prefer pacers finish within one minute of that timeframe. We finished at 2:47. The hardest part was figuring out how I could be consistent in my splits. I tried several different things. I got on the treadmill  (partially because of all the rain we have had locally), set it to 4.6 or 4.7 and then covered up the monitor and just felt what that pace was like. I did this for two weeks for a couple miles, then took it outside. In the end it worked for me to run 2:00 and walk 2:00
3.What were you most nervous about?
 I was extremely nervous of not pacing properly and people not wanting to run with me.
4. What was your favorite part of pacing?
The people in the race. I had one lady, Sherry, start and finish with me. I was her goal-she wanted a PR. So from the start I told her to stick with me and I will get you there. I was upfront with everyone who asked my plan. Most did not want to walk/run but we ended up passing one another on and off throughout the race.
Amy + Runner
Amy and Sherry
I met a lot of people in my wave group and it was a blast cheering them on as I saw them on the turn-arounds. This race I quickly figured had nothing to do with me or my time but other people and making sure they were accomplishing their goal. I am pretty sure I had the biggest smile ever when I finished-but not for my accomplishment but theirs. 
nearing the finish line
Amy and Sherry approaching the finish line
5. What tips would you give someone else considering pacing a race? 
Definitely to train the pace. The treadmill was extremely useful in feeling the pace. Once you get feel the take it outside. Practice the pace as much as you can-see if walk/runs work. Also to study the race course-this was extremely helpful as I was able to tell them what water stop we were on and how many we had left. I also kept an eye out for race photographers and made small jokes to keep them happy! 
6.What is something you learned about yourself from pacing?
That I had more joy watching the others achieving their goals. I got a runner’s high off them! It was FANASTIC! 
Half Marathon FINISHERS!
Amy ended the interview by sharing this:
This was my 8th half and the first time I did not have an internal battle. By that I mean worrying about getting a PR-so it was relaxing and enjoyable. Ten years ago when I ran my first half I NEVER thought I would do another one, let alone pace one.  
So know that your journey never ends and continue to set goals and go get them! And I can’t wait to pace again!
Way to go Amy! We are so proud of you for stepping outside of your comfort zone and help others to the finish line! Thank you for being so inspiring and reminding us that sometimes the race we are running has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with those that you are inspiring!
Have you ever paced a race or considered pacing?

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