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eRace the Stigma 5k {Race Recap}


I made a personal, unpublished goal that I would start running local 5ks again this summer when the schedule and course (must be stroller friendly) would allow me to. This past Saturday helped me kick off this goal for the summer. My husband seems to have to work most Saturday mornings so I figured I might as well start signing up for some races to keep me and the kids busy. This local race took place in Salisbury, Maryland and was stroller friendly so I knew it would be the perfect morning activity for the family! Even though Chad usually has to work weekends he was lucky enough to be off the entire weekend so he joined us as we toed the starting line on Saturday.

walking up

This race was in it’s second year and I plan on making it an annual one on my race calendar. It was well organized and benefits a great cause: local families with someone getting mental health treatment. This is often a topic that many do not feel comfortable talking about but that was the purpose of the race… to in fact erase the stigma associated with mental health.


The race featured a 5k run and a walk. The local Athletes Serving Athletes were also there and all ran the race. If you have never run a race where this group is there be prepared to be inspired. The race was fairly small but they did say it had grown substantially from the year before. After looking at the results, there was 59 runners and 16 walkers!


I really did not have any expectations going into the race. Whenever I push the stroller in a run I am happy with a finish, no matter what the time is. Most of the time, my finish time is a direct correlation of how many snack stops, shoe pick ups and general attitude adjustments I have to do with the kids. Saturday they were AWESOME and the only time we stopped was at the water stop, at which all three of us grabbed some water and moved along our way! They were awesome during the race and I was so proud of them! They did the usual cheerleading and yelled for all the runners and were SO excited when they got to give their Daddy a high five after the turn around!


The race course ended up being a little short according to my runkeeper (2.94 miles), but regardless I set a double stroller PR! I finished with a time of 27:50 and was fast enough to score an age group win! The course was very pretty and through a residential area. We had two water stops which was awesome considering it was a nice warm, sunny day for a change!

After organizing a race for a cause that is near and dear to my heart, I have a new appreciation for running local races that are also very important to the people that have organized them. You can check out the eRace the Stigma website for more information on this cause.

Did you run any fun races this weekend? What is your next race?

4 thoughts on “eRace the Stigma 5k {Race Recap}

    1. It was wonderful! I do love small races for a good cause! The stroller isn’t as bad as it sounds. When its windy- not so fun but I love sharing my hobby with my kids!


    1. Thanks! I use stroller pushing as my upper body workout! I love girls on the run races! Sad I will miss the one my sister does this year. She is a coach in Dover for a group.


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