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Race Director Recap {Strike Out ALS 5k}

Another year, another race is in the books! The 3rd annual Strike Out ALS event was again very successful and I left the course tired, happy and will a very full heart.

For the second year in a row we held the event at Camp Barnes and had the race course go through the Assawoman Wildlife Refuge. Just like the past two years I used all my resources (I talked about these in my last Friday Five post) and had lots of people lined up to help! The only slight hang up this year was the fact that the main road to the event was closed! In a last minute decision I picked up some balloons and changed up my signs from last year to make sure everyone made it to the event without any problems!

I woke up early and went out to set up the signs, mark the course and then unload all the supplies. Once that was done I got to do my favorite part of my race director duties- run the course and make sure it’s marked correctly and ready to go for the runners and walkers!

Shortly after getting back from my run all my friends, family and registrants started trickling in!

We had around 90 preregistered for the day so I knew we may get close to my goal of 150 participants. I think when it was all said and done we had around 120 runners and walkers, which I was pleased with!

One cool part of the day was the fact that the Fit Girls (like girls on the run) from the school I teach at were all running the race! This was the girls first 5k and I was so happy to be a part of their special experience!

It seemed like only a matter of minutes later we were lined up and ready to start the race! Once the runners were off about 17 minutes later we had our first male cross he finish line! He was moving!

Once all the runners and walkers finished up we went inside for my second favorite part of the day: the raffle!! We again were so fortunate to have so many great prizes donated!

All the prizes found new homes and then it was clean up time! We ended up raising over $2,000.00 again to donate to the ALS  clinic and the National ALS organization. Knowing our event is helping others is such a rewarding day but seeing my friends, family and community it’s help means even more to me!

It is really awesome that a small thought turned this into awesome event!

4 thoughts on “Race Director Recap {Strike Out ALS 5k}

  1. This was a really great read, for a review of a race from the eyes of a race director. It’s really neat you guys do this and ALS is a great cause. So cool that you raised so much money and exceeded the number of participants you wanted!

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