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Friday Five: {Favorite Fitness Instagram Accounts}


It is finally Friday! What a long week it has been! I thought things would start to settle down since the crazy last few weeks but no such thing as we near the end of the school year and two toddlers are at home keeping us busy! All this RAIN does not help either. It has been NONSTOP for what seems like weeks! It not only has been dampening the outside but also my mood. The good news is that the sun will come back out again…. not sure when, but it will come back out!


Today I am joining the Friday Five Link up with Courtney, Cynthia and Mar for the topic of Fitness! Since the weather also seems to be dampening my creativity, I thought I would share with you my 5 favorite Fitness Inspired Instagram Accounts. This was really hard to pick and there are SO many people that are inspiring but these are current favorites!



This girl is awesome! I dare you to look through her website ( or her Instagram account and not smile. She is a fellow Sparkly Soul Ambassador and also an ambassador for many other top notch fitness brands (Momentum, Garmin, ProCompression). It is clear she loves life and enjoys it as much as possible!


So while Carlee is making you smile, Kelly will make you LAUGH! She is so funny and honest I love every post, as well as her snapchat. She blogs at and is currently on a journey to BQ!


Just like the last two- Katie from is amazing. She juggles working, kids, fitness, and all that other stuff with such grace it is awesome to watch. She was one of the first “mother runners” I found on social media and with her love for her BOB Stroller I knew she would be an awesome person to follow!


Dorothy is the creator of I RUN THIS BODY and is another true inspiration. She blogs at and works hard at everything she does! She has a list of duties (mom, writer, running coach) and takes time to encourage others! Be sure to also check out her awesome jewelry and clothing items at


Last but certainly not least there is Sue from Like those listed above she is a juggler of life. She takes beautiful pictures and constantly inspires me to get out there and get my run on.

These short write ups do these awesome women no justice at all. I hope that you all take the time to get check out there websites or follow them on Instagram if you do not already!

Who are your favorite Fitness Instagram accounts to follow?


14 thoughts on “Friday Five: {Favorite Fitness Instagram Accounts}

  1. Gah!! Thank you thank you!! I’m quite honored to be listed as your fav amongst these other AMAZING accounts!! XOXO


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