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Month-End Madness: {April}


Unlike the first few months of the year, I am still sitting here wondering how April is over already! It was a very busy month but also exciting! Keep on reading to find out all the details!

Total Miles: 76.4

Not a crazy amount of miles at all but we had a lot going on and the males of the family were once again hit by the stomach bug. Yuck.

Fun places I ran:

Besides the two 10-mile races this month, most of my runs were either around my neighborhood or my town. Not much time for exploring this month. As the school year is in the last marking period and the days are getting longer, hopefully the next few months will lend itself to more exploring!

Amount of change I found this month: $1.22. The best part is that Little Miss Reagan is also collecting change. She found a penny at the grocery store and was SO happy and a few days later found 2 pennies at Walmart.

R + Penny.png

We also had a few successful walks. One parking lot had 6 pennies just waiting for us. How does someone not know they dropped six pennies???

I also had the opportunity to sneak in a “runch” which is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I got to run with two other friends AND I found 11 cents! Boom. My Year-to-date change collection is now up to $2.71

paid runch

Races I ran:

Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler: Another great race-despite the extreme winds. A major highlight was meeting Meb and Joanie!

Girls at DC with Med and Jonie.png

Attempted the Tortoise and Hair 5k but the flat tire on the Double Bob eliminated us from that. Oh well the playground was just as fun!

Tommy Ten-Miler: Any run through Lewes is a good one! I cannot wait for this race next year. Pretty sure it will be an annual tradition!

Strike Out ALS 5k: No official race time for this one.. I just marked the course before the event started! Look for my race director recap later this week!

Olive 5k: 28:24 I ended up knocking this out one morning before school. While this is 2 minutes slower than last month it was at 5:00 in the morning so I will take that time any day of the week!

Favorite thing about running this month: I registered for two races and got new shoes!

The first race I registered for was the Dogfish Dash! As mentioned before it is always a challenge to get in and despite the technical issues the website/registration company was having I got in along with most of my friends! Woo hoo 5th year of running the race!

dogfish dash.png

The other race was not planned what so ever but myself and a few others signed up for the RICHMOND FULL MARATHON! After a lot of research, debate and general swaying back and forth we pulled the trigger and will be pounding 26.2 miles of pavement in November. I loved it so much the first time around I convinced my running mates to do it again!


I also scored some new shoes as part of the ambassadorship program through Zooma. New Balance wanted to make sure all of the ambassadors crossed the finish line in style so they hooked us up with racing singlets and new shoes! Can you say best ambassadorship program ever??? These are the Vazee Pace and I love them! Now only is the color amazing, they are the perfect mix of comfort and lightness with support!

new shoes.png
#alwaysinbeta and #alwaysinstyle


Zooma Girl

Longest run of the month: again both ten-mile races. The only other longish run of the month was a 7 mile run that was just what the doctor ordered. It was one of those perfect runs that the only thing I thought about was what street I should turn down next.

What’s in store for the next month: May will be my first half marathon of the year- St. Michaels Running Festival. It is not too late to sign up if you want to join. Use code AMBSTEWARTK16 to save $10.00 off!  This year the course has music playing along the entire thing and you get a free race photo! Pretty good perks if you ask me! I will also be running in a few little local races as long as the calendar and the kids agree to it! Our  Running Group is also scheduled to take an ariel yoga class! In April we tried out a Barre Fitness class (which I LOVED) and this month we are trying the ariel yoga! It looks so fun and I will hopefully have a report of both classes later on in the month!

How did April shape up for you? What was your favorite thing about the month for you? 

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