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Delivery Time: {Stitch Fix Review}


I am a sucker for subscription services. I blame my love of getting packages in the mail for this.  When I was a kid I loved going to get the mail and loved it even more when I would actually have a letter or magazine or better yet-a package! Now getting the mail is not nearly as fun- junk mail and bills seem to be the usual suspect these days.

I used to be a BirchBox subscriber (love the concept-I just ran out of the need for sample sizes of everything) my kids were gifted a BookRoo book subscription for Christmas from Aunt CoCo, I occasionally sign up to get the Hello Fresh Box (Use this code J9FMWP and you can save $40.00 off your first box!) and now here I am with a Stitch Fix subscription. The best part about the Stitch Fix subscription is that you do not have to sign up to get these every single month! Currently I am signed up to receive a “fix” every other month and I am already excited to get my next one!


Getting packages in the mail is fun, and when the box is full of clothes that you did not have to look around for and you get to try them on in the comfort of your home it is double a win!

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix here is an easy breakdown:

  • Download the app or visit the website to set up your account and fill out your style profile. Your stylist will take your answers into account so be sure to link up to your pinterest account and upload a picture of yourself! You can also leave notes for your stylist to give them even more information (think big event, loves or dislikes)
  • You pay a $20.00 styling fee (this is credited to your account if you purchase any items)
  • Your stylist will take all of your information into account and pick out 5 items to be shipped to you
  • You try on your hand selected shipment, specifically picked just for you- which comes complete with a style card for each item and you decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back.
  • You pack up the items you do not want to keep in the pre-paid postage back and drop it off at any USPS location.
  • If you keep ALL the items you get a bonus 25% off your total! If you plan to keep all the items this is an awesome discount!
  • Rock your new Stitch Fix items and schedule your next fix!!

I was so excited for my first fix and I could not wait to dig into the box! I specifically asked for items that I could wear for both teaching or casually and my stylist did awesome sending items that fulfilled the request.

style card

My fix included these five items:

  • Chambray Dress
  • V-Neck Top
  • Embroidered Detail Knit Top
  • Scarf
  • Boot Cut Jeans

And now for my wonderful modeling, accompanied by my toddlers. Yes, that poor thing is pant-less and crying! (gotta keep it real, right?)

navy Top




After a quick closet inventory and trying on some of the items a few times more I decided to keep just one item. I really wanted to keep everything but one (that embroidered top was just not for me, even though it looked awesome on that style card) but the wallet was not feeling as “in-love” as me.

I ended up only keeping the V-neck print top. I figured this is the perfect school/casual top that I can pair with jeans (as shown above), white pants or even a work skirt. I loved how soft the jeans were, but I really do not need any more denim jeans at this point. That chambray dress was tugging at my heart-strings but I decided to pass on it and hope that my next fix has a cute dress that will not make me regret passing on this one.

I really enjoyed getting my first fix! I cannot wait till my next one, which comes mid June. I requested something special to wear not only for my 5th wedding anniversary but also my daughter’s 4th birthday party! (yes they fall on the SAME DAY!)

If you do happen to sign up for a Stitch Fix subscription be sure to download the app which makes things SUPER EASY! You can give your feedback from your fix, schedule your next delivery and change your style preferences with a few quick clicks!

What piece would you have kept from my 1st Stitch Fix delivery? What are some of your must-have wardrobe pieces?

*Disclaimer: This post  contains affiliate links however my opinion is completely my own!

7 thoughts on “Delivery Time: {Stitch Fix Review}

    1. I would at least try it out! It’s fun! I keep wanting to schedule one for May but I figure if I wait and do my next one inJune I don’t feel guilty buying more than one item!!! The option to receive one whenever you want is nice. Makes me feel like I’m not locked in! Try it and let me know what you think/what awesome pieces you get!!


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