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Friday Five: {Favorite Places to Buy Workout Gear}

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For anyone that knows me really well knows I can be cheap when it comes to most things in life. Sign me up for dresses and skirts from the Dollar Store, only buying items at BJ’s if I have a coupon, and of course hand-me-downs (YES PLEASE!)  Do not get me wrong- I understand the idea of paying for quality-but if I can get the same quality product for a cheaper price, it is a no brainer! Today I am linking up with the usual suspects (Cynthia, Courtney & Mar) for the Friday Five to share with you my five favorite places to buy workout gear!

Zulily: While I have at times accused this website/app for ruining my life it also is the reason I am a Saucony convert. On a whim, when Zulily had a sale on running shoes, I read the reviews of the shoes they offered and ordered what I thought would work best for me. Years later I still love Saucony and still buy a pair off of Zulily whenever they feature that brand! They are marked at such a reasonable price I feel obligated to buy them!


Zulily often features lots of great running brands. A sale on Asics just ended and in the past they have had brands like Under Armour, Athleta, NEw Balance and more! While I would not recommend checking this site daily, you can sent an alert to let you know when your favorite brands will be going on sale. Be sure to sign up using this link and help me earn some store credit 🙂  *Disclaimer: shipping does take forever so do no expect your order to arrive super quick like most sites*

Old Navy: I shared with you all my love for the cocoon neck fleece I scored on the sale rack at Old Navy earlier this winter, but I really love all their work out gear! I have multiple pairs of their running shorts (offered in many lengths), many tank tops (with a variety of cuts), and a few of their sports bras. If you do not have an actual Old Navy store to go to they ALWAYS seem to have some sort of sale going on. Sizing runs very true and they offer so many options from color, fit, length -you could create a full work out wardrobe there!

Shorts and Tank both from Old Navy


TJ Maxx/Marshalls: I have had REALLY good luck at our local TJ Maxx lately. Not only did I score my FAVORITE Under Armour running shorts there, I also found an awesome New Balance rain coat. The best part is that these items were so cheap!!

TJ maxx.jpg

If you can be a really good shopper and buy ahead/after the season (buy winter clothes in the spring) you must go to these discount stores. During my last visit to TJ Maxx they had very nice fleece pull overs for $5.00!! Yes the same fleece I paid $15.00 for earlier in the winter was now $5.00! I definitely recommend taking inventory of your winter clothes and if you need more, head to TJ Maxx or Marshalls NOW! Your wallet will thank you!

Outlets: Again, I know I am spoiled because I live near two difference sets of outlets (Rehoboth beach  and Ocean City Tanger Outlets) but you can save some major cash by shopping the outlets of your favorite stores! I often have walked into some pretty amazing sales at the Under Armour Outlet or the Nike Outlet. If you do make it to the outlets do not forget to exercise your right for a discount- some stores will give you a teacher discount (J.Crew), military discount or often you can buy an extra coupon book at the store services center or use your AAA card to see if they offer a discount for that membership!

Buy/Sell/Trade Groups: You have heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” this also applies to work out gear. I have bought work out items that I was excited about and just knew I would use it (water bottle fuel belt, brooks running shoes on a sale rack) that end up just collecting dust or become play toys for my kids. Instead of letting these items just sit useless I decided to sell them on a Fitness Gear Resell Group on facebook. These items that had zero use to me went to someone else for a deep discount. It is a win-win: I got rid of my unwanted items, made some money back on my purchases and someone else gets exactly what they needed! This can also work in your favor if you are on the hunt for a specific fitness related item or just in the mood to browse. Not seeing what you want to buy, create an ISO post (in search of) maybe someone else in the group has what you want!

Do you have a favorite place to buy workout gear? Do you know of any discount websites or stores to buy fitness gear?

Be sure to go see what some others are posting about today for the Friday Five!





14 thoughts on “Friday Five: {Favorite Places to Buy Workout Gear}

  1. Yes, yes, yes to the final one. I’ve gotten several skirts that way (and gotten rid of a few things I don’t need to have.) I’m also a fan of Old Navy, but I can’t deal with the
    TJMaxx type places. Around here, the finds are spotty and the lines are always crazy.


  2. I also love Old Navy and TJMAXX/Marshalls. I’ve also gotten some really great deals on running sneakers on (they often have promo codes to save more money). I also like eBay, Amazon and


  3. I think you and I would be awesome shopping friends! 🙂 We don’t have a TJ Maxx or Marshalls here in Alaska, but luckily I can buy stuff on their website and I always hit them up when I’m in the lower 48! And Old Navy is seriously the best. All of my capris are from there because they’re so cute and cheap!


  4. I keep hearing good things about Old Navy but I’ve never purchased workout clothes from there. I do enjoy TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Also Nordstrom Rack if you have one — they have pretty awesome stuff.


  5. Yes! Excellent stores! Also, sometimes at the end of the season, Target has some really cool things, but their sizes can run small.

    You live close to Rehoboth! I’m green with envy!! I love Rehoboth!

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