Mother Runners

To My Fellow Mother Runners…

I have been lucky enough to have lots of important women in my life. Not only do I have an awesome Mom, Sister, Aunt and Grandmother, but I am surrounded daily by other Moms that know what it means to set goals, work hard and then achieve them. These ladies are all part of the local Mom’s Running Group called Delmarva Moms Run This Town and they are my inspiration.

just a few members of the Delmarva Moms Run This Town group

These women step up to the plate daily to not only make sure all the Mom duties get tended to, but they also carve some time out for themselves to put their health first- which we will know is very important.

group run

These ladies get up at the crack of dawn to get their runs in, push their empty stroller to daycare to pick up their kids to then push them home, and even push well over 80 pounds just to pound that pavement for some miles. They do whatever it takes to not only take care of themselves, but also set a good example for their kids and the community they live in. These women not only make a difference in my life but also to every stranger that sees them while they are out running in the rain, wind or brutal summer heat. These ladies keep me accountable and continue to help grow my love of running.


These mothers understand the struggle of just wanting to get out there for a run and know the joy and happiness a solo run can bring. They also send me text messages to confirm that I am not alone and help me laugh and smile when they know I need it the most. They also entertain crazy thoughts of running race, after race, after race and usually sign up with me! Thank you ladies!

Mom 2

As Mother’s Day approaches next month, be sure to let those special Mothers in your life know what they mean to you! Whether it be your Mom or a fellow Mom friend remind them that they are awesome and doing a great job!


If you really want to spoil that special Mom head over to Stitch Fix and send them a gift card to do a little self-style care. I recently signed up for this service and cannot wait to see what will be arriving at my doorstop!


To My Fellow Moms- whether a runner-mom, a fur-baby mom or maybe a soon-to-be mom:  keep doing your thing. Keep smiling. Keep trying your best. Keep giving it all you got because you are making a difference! 

*While this post does contain affiliate links, it is still 100% true how I feel about my fellow moms out there!

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