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Cherry Blossom 10 Miler {Race Recap} 2016 Edition


Another Cherry Blossom Ten Miler is in the books! What was predicted to be pretty brutal conditions, due to high winds and gusts, ended up not being so bad and all-in-all turned out to be a great time- as always!

Instead of giving you a play-by-play of the details this recap will be with all our fun pictures from the trip with some captions for each!

on the way there
On the way to DC!


We all crammed in the SUV and headed over the bridge! We did stop on the way to pick up two more mother runners (Courtney and Teen). From there we were DC bound!

Our next stop was the Expo! With everyone’s schedule we knew would be getting there about 45 minutes before it was over, but that was plenty of time to grab our bibs and do some last minute shopping and of course visit the Sparkly Soul booth! While at the expo we noticed the long line to get an autograph from Joan Benoit Samuelson when we first walked in. As the expo thinned out and we finished our shopping we noticed the line was gone. We immediately went over for an autograph and a visit with Joanie, who we all just fell in love with. She was so sweet and just truly an inspiration! She personalized a picture for each of us and even agreed to this awesome group picture.


We did not have any concrete dinner plans, as every restaurant we called was all booked up. Due to Courtney’s quick thinking we once again called one of the places we wanted to go and sure enough they had room for us at the “pizza bar”. We were excited to head to Graffiato for dinner! It is always fun to  1. trying new places 2. eating at Top Chef restaurants (I love that show)!

Dinner Time!


After dinner we walked around the Chinatown around and popped into a cupcake place (Red Velvet Cupecakery)- it seems to become part of the tradition now to get cupcakes. While it was not Georgetown Cupcake- it was still good! Our next stop was to a “town center” area that seemed to be new and it was beautiful! As you can see from the picture below, it was very eye catching and we window shopped at the stores that were all very high end (for us Sussex and Kent county girls anyway).


After our exploring we headed back to the hotel and hung out down in the lobby. We were hoping to run into Meb since he was also running the race tomorrow. After a little bit of lobby stalking, sure enough Amy spotted him and we ran over for a group picture. The best part was is that he suggested we wait for Joanie! This was truly the highlight of the trip getting to meet such inspirational runners with such impressive resumes! They both were so sweet!

Meb and Joan
Amy, Teen, Laura, Meb, Joanie, Kristen & Courtney (missing: Kelly- she so sweetly sat and watched our purses and such)

Alarm clocks went off early and we reluctantly started getting ready for the race. The winds were forecasted to be brutal and the race directors already had made many updates to keep the runners safe (no mile markers, limited water stops,ect). I joked multiple times about just running the 5k because I seriously dislike the wind SO much. We got down to the starting area and somehow ended up starting in the very last corral. While this is not a huge deal, it was cold and we were all ready to go!

Just about to start the race.. here goes nothing!

Once we starting running things got better! Luckily the wind was not that brutal. I had packed some winter gear (gloves & ear warmer) so I knew I would not be that cold. The first half the race is always my favorite. All the monuments, spectators and a lot to look at! The last half- kinda boring. Below you will see the Jefferson in the distance, as well as a look at the monument. This was around the 5 mile mark- half way done!!

As we got closer to the National Monument the spectators were out in full force, despite the cold weather. We approached the finish line area and were so happy to be done! Our time (Courtney and myself) ended up being around 1:45. We were happy with that considering our only goal for the race was to finish and not be blown away. We shortly met up with Teen and Amy, grabbed our medals and headed back to the hotel to warm up!



Once we warmed up and showered we hit the road back to the Eastern Shore. We did stop for lunch at Rams Head Shore House for an awesome post-race lunch! We also spotted a sign for a running trail– so who knows, maybe my next running adventure may be there!

After dropping everyone off back at their cars it was time to go home and get two of my favorite things, cuddles and cupcakes!

Sweet Little Tanner

So now the question is this- will we go for year number 4 and enter the lottery again later this year? Will you enter the lottery this year? Did you run Cherry Blossom?

You can also read about my past two recaps here: 2015 & 2014

6 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom 10 Miler {Race Recap} 2016 Edition

  1. Love love Love Graffiatos, My Fiance and I go there before every caps game we attend, and every Sunday game that the nationals have (bottomless mimosas). I hope to be able to run this next year! Thanks for the recap!


    1. We were so happy to get in! We tried calling earlier in the week for a reservation but they were booked! It was fun sitting at the Pizza bar watching them as well! You should definitely enter the lottery next year! It is a great race!!!


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