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Tim Kennard River Run {Race Recap}


Sometimes races turn out not quite as expected, and others greatly exceed the set expectations. I am extremely happy to report that the Tim Kennard 10-Miler did in fact exceed any and all expectations. To be honest on the drive over to the race I was just not feeling it. I felt fine physically, I was not tired, I just did not have that typical race excitement. Going into the race I had absolutely zero finishing expectations besides just finishing. As you probably remember I have had a rough start to the year- sickness, low mileage, BUSY schedule- running just has not been what I had hoped so far this year. All that being said the race went great!

This is my 2nd year running this race and it was just as enjoyable as last year, except for that the weather was MUCH better! NO snow, rain, freezing rain or icy patches to avoid! Just ten miles of easy pavement!

There was a great group from our local Delmarva Moms Run this Town group that was also running so we were excited to snap a group picture before the race started!


Without really saying it, Amy and I kind of decided we would buddy up and run together. This turned out to be the best decision EVER! We had such a great time running the race together. We started the race promptly at 9:00 and never looked at the time again!

Starting Line

The race is divided up into two-five mile portions to accommodate the 2-person relay. The first half runs through beautiful neighborhoods with lots of Salisbury University Students cheering all the runners on and the second half takes the runners through the downtown portion of Salisbury which has also filled with lots of crowd support!

runkeeper map

I must say out of the smaller ten mile races that I have done this one has SO MANY people out cheering for the runners! It was great to have such support on the course. I think Amy and I had just as much fun as the spectator groups as we smiled, waved, thanked them and played along with their fun! One group said “now that is my kind of runners” another said “we like them” and the large group at mile 9- well we might have got them pumped up enough about the last mile that they contemplated finishing the race with us!

One major highlight of the race was finding 38 cents! YES 38 cents! As we were walking to the starting line I spotted a penny (which by the way did you know that 94% of people do not think it is worth it to pick up a penny?!?! What is wrong with people!). Once I saw the first penny I knew it would be a great run for everything! Right as we started the race I spotted a nickel however it was WAY to congested to grab it. Not even a few steps later I saw a QUARTER! Again too congested. I did see another quarter not far after I just could not let it go. As quick as possible grabbed that bad boy and we continued on. As we ran I found two more pennies and after the race, walking to our car I found the dime! Not bad for a days work!


The next highlight of the race was Amy’s huge ten mile PR! She dominated the race! I was happy to be by her side the whole way. She told me we needed to finish before 1:45 so I knew we could that- even with many of my signature walk breaks and water stops along the way. We finished somewhere in the sub 1:40 range so goal accomplished!

The last highlight of the race was my finish line photo. While this photo did cause my chip to come off my shoe, which lead to not having an official finish time, I do have this gem to keep as a reminder that running is awesome and crossing finish lines are even better!

jump at finish

This photo is from our local newspaper so I can only hope the course photographer got an awesome snap of this jump as well!

So my first of the three scheduled ten milers of the spring is in the books. It was a great starting point and I am hoping to enjoy the next two races (Cherry Blossom Ten Miler & Tommy Ten Miler) just as much as this one!

It is the best when you can show up to a race and enjoy it for what it really is: a long training run with best friends, water stops, crowd support and a finish line!

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