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Month-End Madness {February}

month end madness


Wow- to be a short month February seemed to creep by. Read all about my month-end madness below!

Total Miles: 53.1—ugh it was a rough month. I felt like I was sick nearly the entire time and we were BUSY! Lots of school events and other activities keeping us busy-however I still did log 53 miles. It could be worse right? I did get to run with this sweet girl and cuddle with this little guy!

Fun places I ran: Feet for the Little Beat ran around the beautiful Lighthouse Sound Golf Course! The race is the only time you can run there so it was neat to run the bridges and tunnel on the course. The views of Ocean City were breathtaking and it just made for the PERFECT race atmosphere. Be sure to keep your eye out for this race next year! The views & course are worth the price of admission!


I also did a few runs around the town I teach in. These runs were typically up and back the long streets through town but the timed generally ticked by fairly quickly since I had someone else to run with each time.


I did also run in Dover. While this may not seem exciting to many, it was a “run” down memory lane for me. I went to college in Dover so it was fun running around the Wesley College campus, past our old house we rented for a few years and other favorite Dover landmarks.

I also got a very WINDY run in at the Ocean City Boardwalk with sole mate Laura and her little guy Finn. While the run heading north was a “breeze” the run back down south was hard to say the least. We made the most of it but truthfully the best part was spending time with Laura and Finn and enjoying the sunshine. The miles were just a bonus for the day!


Amount of change I found this month: 59 Cents!! That brings me to a total of $1.02 this year! Cha-Ching!

Races I ran: Sadly the stomach bug kept me from running the Chocolate Lovers 5k and the Virtual Zooma RunLove, but I did complete my Virtual February Olive 5k (27:04) and The Feet for the Little Beat 5k (actually 3.5 miles) on February 27th! My time for that race was 30:20 and it was fast enough to score a 2nd place age group win! The awards were awesome- it was a custom Plank made by Plank That.



Favorite thing about running this month: Sneaking away for a “race date” with Chad! We got a babysitter last Saturday morning and both ran in the Feet for the Little Beat 5k. We finished our “race date” with brunch at the Globe. It was fun to be able to run a race together. When we first starting hanging out together/dating we spent an entire spring through summer running local races…….. ahh the memories and the miles!

Longest run of the month: 8 Miles. This run was done on the treadmill due to bad weather outside. I did some sort of intervals to help make the time go by faster.

What’s in store for the next month: The first Ten Miler of the year is this weekend! Saturday is my first race in March- the Tim Kennard River Run! That is the only race I have planned as of right now but there are a few other local races I would like to sneak in if possible!

How did February shape up for you? What was your favorite thing about the month for you? 



2 thoughts on “Month-End Madness {February}

  1. Awww. Glad you are feeling better. Your mileage looks good….I ran 4 times in Feb and got less than 20 miles for the month :(….or just past 20..either way PATHETIC.!

    How cute a race date…that would be so fun. Oh the memories of dating and pre kids 😉

    Good luck with your race this!

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