Snow Fun with Kids

snow fun with kids

Well in Southern Delaware we woke up to yet again another winter wonderland. It is hard to think back and remember that run on Christmas Day in shorts and a tank top as it has been FREEZING lately! Seriously the past two days have felt like the single digits with the wind. NO THANK YOU!

This weekend that was originally planed with lots of fun things (5k, Valentine’s Day date, and visit with my grandparents) has turned into a complete shut in for us. T had to get picked up early from preschool on Friday, I went down HARD early Saturday morning with the stomach bug, and here we are Monday snowed in. Needless to say completing any kind of workout as not even crossed my mind. Obviously I need rest so that is what I have been doing!

I am not sure if the kids or adults have becoming more antsy but I knew I needed to pull out some fun tricks today in order for us all to keep our sanity. If there is one thing we are not lacking for in this household it is paint! I feel like every time I am going to Michaels I pick up some new paint so I thought we might as well put it to good use!

Our first project was simply a time killer while I got project #2 ready. This one was simple and I am sure you have seen it on Pinterest. All you do is put some paint in a zip lock bag, make sure you get the air out and seal it REALLY GOOD! You may even consider taping over the seal so no little fingers decide to open the bag and make this clean project a messy one.

The kids had fun mixing the colors and R especially enjoyed practicing her alphabet and drawing her letters!

While the kids were busy with their paint bags I was busy with the tape and canvases. I seem to also have a plethora of small canvases that are perfect R + T size! I knew if I just set them loose with paint and a canvas it would be a mess and they probably would not love their painting that much. I asked them both what they wanted and luckily they gave me easy responses- “fish” from T and “a heart” from R. Perfect- I can do that!

tape on canvas

Besides the clean up, my work was done! It was time for the littles to go to town on their art work! Tanner picked his colors and Reagan picked hers which later she commented “looked like poop”! Gotta love that girl- we fixed her poop color issues by adding a lot of red! That seemed to make her heart look more….. not poopish 🙂

ready to paint

And now we wait for the paint to dry before we attempt to pull off the paint and REALLY see our finished products! We immediately had to hit the bath tub after painting and went with a little bit of fun color up there are well! These kids love when we add “color” to the bath so figured might as well keep up with the fun! To give the color we throw in the Crayola Bath Dropz for some bath time excitement.

blue bath tub fun

While in the tub we used one of our NEW favorite products! Toxic Free Foaming Wash N’ Shampoo by Raise Them Well! The kids absolutely LOVE the foam and I love how gentle it is on their skin! The other great part is that it smells so wonderful and BONUS it is made by PARENTS-so you know it has to amazing! You can buy this right on Amazon and even check out some of their other top-notch products!

As much as I would like to say the kids are now napping and Mom and Dad are relaxing that is not happening. As usual, they are running around wild and I am praying for a divine intervention that they will both fall asleep any minute- but in the mean time here are the finished tape paint projects!

finished paintings

Here is to hoping the snow will melt and we can break out soon! What are your favorite snow day projects? 



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