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Valentine’s Day the Runners’ Way: Chocolate Lovers 5k Recap

It has become a Valentine’s Day (weekend) tradition for Jimmy and me to participate in the Chocolate Lovers 5K at Del Tech.  (In case you missed it – you can catch up and read all about my 2014 and 2015 race experiences.)   Aside from the usual grumblings and slight amount of complaining from Jimmy – he is usually game for whatever fitness activities I throw his way – or in this instance, whatever runs I arbitrarily sign him up for without discussing with him first.  (Surprise, we have another 5K on the calendar…)

Pre Race Selfie


This year was FREEZING! I am talking temps in the teens/low 20’s with a brutal wind in your face.  I was planning on pushing baby G in the running stroller; however, after reviewing the forecast earlier in the week a babysitter was quickly arranged.  Teen, Jimmy, and I bundled up, putting on layer after layer in hopes of finding the right balance between not getting hypothermia out there and not sweating our faces off in too many layers.  (All you winter runners know exactly what I am talking about).  I ended up going with under armor cold gear top, long sleeve tech shirt, 2 fleece jackets, 2 pairs of gloves, hat, compression socks, and cold gear tights.  Now THAT is a lot of layers.  Nothing like running and feeling like a stuffed sausage at the same time!


Here are the top reasons why I absolutely love this race:

  • 10 am start time. Nuff said. AND packet pick-up is available the night before.
  • Single loop course! (I will take single loop any day of the week over a double loop)
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Chocolate fondue, homemade hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies! All the goodies are prepared by Del-Tech culinary students – so you know the offerings are on point.
  • Lots of local runners! I will guarantee that if you are from Kent County you will know at least ten people there.
  • Stroller friendly (see 2015 pics from previous 2015)
  • Post-race party in Del Tech Auditorium. How many 5ks can offer that?!?
Jimmy crossing the finish line

And the best part – 5 year age groups, so more opportunities to place in your division! Somehow I managed to finish 3rd place in my age group!!  WOW!  That has not happened for years!  I guess all the other 30-34 females weren’t feeling those freezing temps this morning.  But that’s ok – because a finisher’s plaque is a finisher’s plaque – and I will take it!


Mark your calendars now for the 2017 Chocolate Lovers 5k. Going off of the timing of previous years’ race dates, I am going to assume that the date will be February 11, 2017.  (So Jimmy, if you are reading this – it’s pretty safe to assume you will be busy Saturday 2/11/2017 between 10 – noon.)  Full race details will be available at

Group pic of the age group winners


Here’s to another solid Valentine’s Day weekend – filled with running, friends, and finisher’s plaques!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day fitness traditions? If so, I would love to hear about them!

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