Hot Mom Check-In: Lauren Shanklin

Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of “Hot Mom Check-In”.  This week, we were able to catch up with Lauren Shanklin – a college friend and fitness role model.  For as long as I have known Lauren she has been a runner and into working out.  Fast forward to several years out of school and 2 baby girls later – she is still in fantastic shape.  She was kind enough to share some of her little tricks of the “staying in-shape” trade with us.

  1. Starting out with a little intro- please tell us about your family, job, and community programs you are involved with.

I have been married for 11 years and I have 2 daughters. My daughter, Dana, just turned 7 years old. This past September, my 2nd daughter, Samantha, was born. I work as an elementary physical education teacher at Clayton Elementary School in the Smyrna School District. I have been teaching for 14 years. I am currently on maternity leave for the rest of this school year. I am really enjoying being home with Samantha but I am looking forward to returning to work next school year.

lauren 10

  1. What are your favorite fitness activities?

Growing up, I loved playing sports! I played soccer, softball, lacrosse, and ran indoor track. Now my favorite fitness activities are running, biking, and lifting weights. I also love skiing and hiking but I don’t get to do either as much as I would like. I just love being outside and doing anything active.

lauren 4lauren 7

  1. How do you manage to fit in your workouts with your demanding work schedule and juggling two kids? Has your schedule changed since you added your second child into the mix?

Since I had my daughter 7 years ago, I have been working out before work in the morning. I have to get up at 4:30 but it’s worth it to get a good workout in and not feel like I am missing out on family time. I run outside year round and then head to the gym for more cardio and lifting. My husband works out as well and we are good at alternating days for working out and taking care of the kids in the morning. We both just make working out a priority. I always find a way to somehow work it into my schedule. In the summer, when I am off from work, I run pushing the stroller (and now my older daughter can bike ride with me!) and then I take the kids to the gym with me. Thank goodness for daycare at the gym! I don’t know what I would do without it!! Now that I am on maternity leave, I don’t have to get up as early to work out which is great but I can’t exercise for as long since I am breastfeeding and Samantha eats so frequently. I can’t do everything I want to do right now, but I know this is temporary and eventually I will be back to normal!

  1. How do you manage to stay so hot? That is, are there any tools such as fitness apps, equipment, etc that you absolutely cannot live without?

All I really need is running shoes! I also couldn’t live without my running stroller! I do love the elliptical and spin class, though. I don’t own a cell phone so I am not really into all those apps they offer. I am a little behind on technology!

  1. Since you have become a mom, what is your proudest fitness accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment was running a 1/2 marathon when Dana was 1. I regularly just run 4 miles everyday and never thought I could run 13!

  1. What’s next on your goal list for 2016? Signed up for any races or events? Do you want to try and new fitness activities?

My goal for 2016 is basically just to try to get back into shape after pregnancy. I got a new road bike for Christmas so I am thinking of maybe trying some sprint triathlons this summer. I have never done anything like that before.

  1. We all want to be healthy role models for our kids. What strategies do you use to be a healthy role model?

Dana has been coming to the gym with me since she was born. I make sure she understands the importance of exercising. She actually gets really upset if she hears someone say that they don’t work out. It makes me happy to know she understands the importance of exercise. I also try to make healthy meals and eat a healthy diet. We talk a lot about food and food groups, etc.

lauren 5

  1. What is your number one piece of fitness advice for moms?

Make fitness a priority! Don’t feel bad for taking time away from your kids to workout. It sets a good example for your kids and gives you a chance to de-stress, making you a better mom.

  1. What fitness activities have you found your entire family can do together?

We love going for bike rides and walks. I just try to get the girls outside as much as possible to play. It’s the best way to have fun and get exercise!

  1. What 5 items are always in your refrigerator? And what is currently your favorite recipe?

There is always lots of fruit in my fridge, usually apples, grapes, and clementines. There is also always milk, cheese, eggs, and yogurt. We consume a lot of yogurt each week!! I don’t know if I have a favorite recipe right now. I get Cooking Light magazine and I love trying out new recipes each week.

Another early morning riser!  So many of our Hot Moms admit that getting their workout in first thing in the morning is the ONLY way to go!  I am also glad to see that I am not the only crazy one who wakes up at 4:30 in the morning.

And can you believe – No cell phone? Now that is hard core!  I am trying to imagine running all those miles without “Runkeeper” telling me how far I have gone and my iTunes music pumping in my ear buds.

Thanks again Lauren!

So if nothing else, here at Jonesinforarun we have managed to determine that perhaps getting up at the crack of dawn might not be the most terrible thing ever – especially if all these hot moms can do it!  Lauren is just another example that staying in shape with a family and kids is possible!

Until next time, keep running, biking, lifting, and setting that alarm clock!

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