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Friday Five: Must-Have Cold Weather Gear


cold weather gear

With the exception of Winter Weather Storm Jonas, Mother nature has taken it easy on us so far this winter. When I was looking back at most of my running pictures I noticed most of them were in warmer weather gear. While this has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G winter is definitely not over and my cold gear is ready to go at a moments notice. Today I am linking up for the Friday Five with none of than Mar on the Run, You Signed up for What, & Eat Pray Run DC! Be sure to go see all the Friday Five goodness over on their pages as well!

So without any more jibber jabber, here are my Must-Have Cold Weather Gear!

  1. Go-Warm Max Cocoon-Neck Fleece Pullover for Women from Old Navy. I picked this fleece up simply because it was cute and on sale and it has turned into my cold weather running constant. There are SO many things I love about this fleece. To start, look at the price. Right now it is $14.00 (plus I am sure you can snag a discount code somewhere)! Some other highlights are the thumbholes, front pocket, fleece lining and the drawstring cocoon neck! It keeps me so warm on my runs! I really am obsessed with it!

fleece shot.pngfleece on hanger.pngold navy fleece

2. Running Gloves. I only own one pair of winter running gloves, that happen to be Under Armour (and I somehow have no pictures of them??) but if it is cold, I MUST have these on my run. I find that my hands are really the only thing that get super cold so this are a necessity – at least to start my run. The best part about gloves is that I can wear them, get warmed up and then they are easy to take off and hold for the remainder of the run if necessary! I recently saw this on the Oiselle Website and may add them to my Running Accessory Drawer at home.


3. Running Vest. Wearing a vest is another way to stay warm on those cold runs. I often opt to wear this thinner grey Athleta vest (shown below) which offers another layer to fend off the cold! Vests are great for layering and keeping the bulk down! There are many great running vests out there! If the price is keeping you away from them right now, wait till spring and find one on sale! That is what I did with the grey one pictured below!


saucony vest
This is the Saucony Breeze Vest- I will be price stalking this one!

4. Under Armour Rally Headband. This is the best headband/ear warmer ever! Again I bought this on a whim when I had some extra BirchBox Points to redeem. I saw this on the site and thought “why not– its a great brand and for a great reduced price (due to points)!” This headband has taken me through many cold runs and is pretty much irreplaceable so I hope I never lose it!!!!

UA headband.jpgheadband.png


5. Feetures! Running Socks I never really paid much attention to how important having good socks was until I was given an awesome pair. Now I feel like I am a sock snob and will only wear nice ones, especially Feetures! socks. I have also found that wearing good quality socks help keep my feet warmer during cold runs!


So there you have it- my must-have cold weather running accessories! What do you HAVE TO HAVE while running in the cold?


14 thoughts on “Friday Five: Must-Have Cold Weather Gear

  1. Dang it! I had that pull over in the cart the other day and then decided against it! I wonder if is still on line….

    I need to find some mittens, I think the gloves still have my fingers cold 😦

    I fell in love with smartwool socks last winter. They were thin but kept my feet warm.

    Great list!

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    1. Order online! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!! I also just picked up some new gloves at marshalls that have a pull over part to make them mittens AND they have lights on he gloves!! Best part- only $10.00!

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  2. I love a good pair of fleece lined tights. Loving the ones I just got from Oiselle! I need a good pair of running gloves, mine are all too thin and my hands still freeze!

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    1. I just scored a $10.00 pair of gloves at Marshalls that have a small built in light and has a little ouch that will cover fingers to make them mittens. Not sure how warm they will be but I like the functionality of them!


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