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Jimmy’s Running Diary: Part 1

There’s nothing better than a being stuck in the house during a snowstorm to make you want to clean everything, organize your out of control closet, and go through your nightstand drawers.  The amount of stuff that collects in or around my nightstand is truly out of control.  During my cleaning spree, I did not realize that I would come across this little gem….

Diary 1

That’s right – Jimmy’s Running Diary from 2010.  Back before everything was digital and in an app format, people used to actually buy running diaries to track their running progress.  I remember buying this diary for Jimmy; however, I do not remember him actually using it.  I was getting ready to throw it away – but something told me to look inside.  Page by page I flipped through the diary, realizing not only is Jimmy athletic and sporty – but he is also super funny.   So please enjoy the following few posts courtesy of Jimmy circa 2010.


December 27, 2009

Distance: 1 Mile

Rating: Good

Notes: Ran 1 mile on treadmill prior to lifting


January 1, 2010

Distance: 0

Notes: Repped the ish out of my chest and abs.  Take that!


January 3, 2010

Weight: A Lot

Distance: 2 Miles

Time: 23 minutes

Pace/Splits: Who cares, it’s 2 miles.

Intensity Factor: I finished.

Notes: 2 miles non-stop…..  What now! I need some Petey Pablo in my running mix.


January 4, 2010

Resting Heart Rate: Beating

Distance: N/A

Notes: Well I didn’t run or go to the gym today.  However, I moved a TV and a dresser.  Did you hear me?!?!  I said I picked up and moved a DRESSER!!!!


January 5, 2010

Weight: too darn much

Distance: 1 Mile

Time: 10:30

Pace/Splits: N/A because it’s only 1 mile

Intensity factor: this sux

Notes: Disappointing Day.  Was only able to really do 1 mile. Probably could have stretched more. Nervous about letting Court down with the half marathon in October.  Drank away my embarrassment with 4 margaritas.

Aches & Pains: The only thing that really hurts in my pride for being so out of shape.


January 9, 2010

Notes: Today I did a light workout.  Did mostly ab work. Also did 8 minutes on the elliptical machine.  Ate kinda healthy.  Tomorrow I am going hard core.


Weekly Summary

Run Distance: 3 Miles

Run Time: 34 Minutes

Other Training: Elipitcal

Notes: Easy Week.  Next week I am going BEAST MODE!

Tune back in tomorrow to see how Jimmy’s training plans continue.  I am sorry I am leaving you hanging with so many unanswered questions…

Will he finish that half marathon – or will he become a professional mover?  How “beast mode” will he go? What Petey Pablo song did he end up downloading?  And most importantly, how can he drink 4 margaritas without feeling sick from all that sugar? 

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