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Hot Mom Check-in: Erin Graves

It’s a New Year – and here at Jonesin’ we would like to introduce you to our newest “Hot Mom” inductee – Erin Graves!  I met Erin at the Dover YMCA at a BodyPump class and was surprised to learn that she has 3 (adorable) daughters, is a nurse (crazy hours), manages to always get in her workouts, and excels at distance running.  She is fast, really fast! I hope you find her as inspiriting as I do.

1. Starting out with a little intro- please tell us about your family, job, and any community programs you are involved with. 

I work for Bayada Pediatrics as a pediatric nurse, providing home care and school nursing to children with high level special needs. I work 40-50 hours a week, mostly day shifts, but occasionally a night shift as well.  I love working in that type of environment, because it allows me to provide one on one care for these kids, and be there for them, as well as for their families, when they need it most. At home, I have 3 daughters, Kerilynn (14), Meghan (10), and Addison (8), and a fiancé, Andy.
2. What are your favorite fitness activities?
My primary (and favorite!) fitness activity is running, right now I’m marathon training and running about 40-45 miles a week. I also enjoy some of the fitness classes at the Y, and last year started doing some cycling as well. 
3. How do you fit in your workouts with your demanding work schedule and running around with your adorable daughters?
I work long hours during the week, most days I’m at work by 6:30am, and I’ve never been great at getting my workouts in at 5am. I usually have a day off during the week, so I make the most of it and get a longer run in, or sometimes do two workouts that day, and I usually do my longest runs on the weekends. After work during the week I do the shorter workouts, usually easier runs or speed workouts on the treadmill or at the track. My daughters are all very active in their own sports and school activities, so they keep us busy running around to those as well. Andy is great at helping me juggle everyone’s schedules, and I have a wonderful supportive family that is also willing to help make sure everyone gets where they need to be everyday. And being athletes themselves, my daughters have an understanding of how important it is to put in the time and effort, and they usually don’t complain about having to go to the gym or pool occasionally if I need to get a workout in.

4. How do you manage to stay so hot? That is, are there any tools such as fitness apps, equipment, etc that you absolutely cannot live without?

Running is my primary fitness activity, but I started doing more strength training a few years ago and it has really improved my running and overall fitness, as well as helping me tone up, something that was much needed after having 3 kids. BodyPump class has always been my favorite strength class, and I would try to go to that class at least twice a week, as well as do some circuit training or core work on other days. Right now I have a neck injury from a recent car accident, so I’m unable to go to Bodypump, but I hope to be able to return to it soon.
5. What is your favorite race distance and why?
In my first year racing in 2012, I ran everything from 5ks to half marathons, then ran my first full marathon in 2014. I’ve focused a lot more on the longer distances in the last 2 years, but my favorite distance to race is still the 10 miler or half marathon.
6.  What is your favorite race- and why?
It’s so hard to choose a favorite race! There are a few I like to go back to every year. He Icicle 10 miler and the Caesar Rodney half marathon are good challenging races for me, because of the hills, so I try to do those every year. The Shamrock marathon, half marathon, and 8k in VA beach in March are a lot of fun, and flat and fast courses. I plan on running the half there this year. The Coastal Delaware running festival was a new race last year, I ran the 9k and then volunteered at the finish line for the marathon, and it had a fun atmosphere and great race director. And of course, I’m hoping that Boston will become one of my favorites and one I have the opportunity to return to every year.
I agree with Erin, the Icicle 10 Miler and Caesar Rodney Half Marathon are two of my local favorites.  Check out my review of the Caesar Rodney Half here and the Icicle Ten Miler here.  And look – there’s Erin in a picture of the Icicle Ten Miler at the bottom of the post!
7. What is your proudest fitness accomplishment to date?
In 2015, I ran a marathon in under Boston qualifying time, and that’s probably the accomplishment that has meant the most to me.
8. What’s next on your goal list for 2016?  Are you signed up for any races or events?
Right now I’m training for the Boston marathon, which is in April. I have a few shorter races planned before then, including one half marathon, and then this summer I’m hoping to get back to doing more speed work and the shorter distances again for awhile.
9. Is there a certain training plan you are following for training for Boston?
Yes, I’m following the B.A.A. Training Plan for Boston, level 3. It’s a lot different than the way I’ve trained in the past, more mileage than I ran for my other two marathons, but it seems to be working out well for me. And another “hot mom” and friend in my running club is also doing the same program, so it’s great to have someone following the same program to do some of the workouts with me. I have great support from a lot of the DDSR club members on those long runs, lots of people to keep me company and entertained on them.
10. What is your favorite family fitness activity?
Andy, the girls and I do many active activities together. All 3 girls are currently running or have run competitively in the past, all 3 are swimmers, and they also enjoy family bike rides, so that’s things we can all do together. Addison is also on a gymnastics team. They also love hiking, basketball, and this time of year our favorite family activity is ice skating! They love to skate at the outdoor rink in Wilmington, and the indoor center in Harrington.
Thanks Erin for taking the time to be interviewed! I love all the fitness activities you are involved in and I can’t wait to hear about Boston! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about our first Hot Mom of 2016!  We are planning to highlight several more moms in the upcoming weeks.  If you would like to nominate a mom – please drop us a line at

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