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Friday Five: Favorite Track Workouts!

Friday Five Favorites

It is that time again to link up for Friday Five! This week we are linking up with our “favorites”. This week I am here to tell you about all my favorite Track Workouts! As I may have mentioned before I am lucky enough to have a track right next door to my neighborhood! While I do not take advantage of this resource nearly enough, I have found some of my favorite workouts take place right there! Be sure to go check out what the D.C. Trifecta is sharing as well this week! (Mar on the Run, You Signed up for What?, Eat Pray Run DC)


  1. The Timed Mile. No real explanation needed for this workout. Head over to the track- run it four times and jot down your time. Use this to try and increase your speed through the year!
  2. Run + Strength Combo Workout. This workout is great if you want to incorporate some strength moves into your normal run. I can guarantee you will it be feeling it if you try this workout! Bonus: you can do it on the treadmill if the weather is keeping you away from the track!


3. Descending Ladder. When I first researched these “ladder” workouts I was scared of them. However after actually completing this one I am sharing with you I kinda fell in love with the idea. I choose do the descending ladder to get the harder portion of the workout over soon! You obviously could do it in reverse and build up to the longer fast portions but I’d rather not- I am all about getting the hard work done first!

descending ladder

4. 6 x 400m Workout. So in my language that means this: warm up for 5:00 Minutes, Run 1 lap around the track really fast, then recover for 3:00. Repeat this 5 more times! End with a 5 minute cool down. I really love this one! It goes by quick and allows for recovery (my favorite part).

6 x 4005. Short Side- Long Side Sprints. Yea so I made this one up but it will work! For a simple and easy track work out try this: Sprint the “long” sides of the track and then use the short sides to “recover”. You could also mix it up a few laps and reverse it! This may be a great option if you need to a fartlek run or add strides to the end of your mileage!

day at the track

**Track Workout Hint: If you want to use your runkeeper to hear your prompts set up a custom workout! It is easy to do and you may even get creative and come up with your own track workout!

What is your favorite Track Workout? Do you love the track?

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Track Workouts!

    1. I REALLY have enjoyed using the track to run on! It breaks things up from a typical 3-4 mile run. While running around in circles seems boring it always seems to excite me! Enjoy the workouts! let me know which one you like the most!


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