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Friday Five: Healthy Choices in 2016

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To mix things up a bit, today we will be linking up with the DC trifecta (Mar on the Run, You Signed up for What? and Eat Pray Run DC) for their Friday Five! For this weeks Friday Five I will be covering my 5 healthy food and drink habits t0 kick off the New Year! As I stated in a post before I have a few goal statements for the year: Be happy, Be healthy and Be productive. I have adopted the following food and drink routines to help work on my goals for this year!

  1. Drink Lots of Water! I have found the easiest way to do this is keep a cute (and functional) water bottle right in front of me at all times. I used a gift card and splurged on this awesome S’well Water Bottle!This water bottle goes everywhere with me. It is an easy way to drink water all throughout the day. One bottle = 32 oz so my goal is to drink at least 2 of them!


2. Plan out Dinner. This has been my main area of struggle lately. I get home from work and I am tired, uninspired and have no desire to cook a dinner- let alone make it a nutritious and healthy one. To help get me back  into the swing of things I signed up for Hello Fresh! While I do not plan to use this service each and every week I can say it has been helpful and convenient. Some of the recipes seem kind of involved but it has been fun cooking things a different way with ingredients that I would not normally buy. If you want to try out Hello Fresh for yourself, use this code: J9FMWP for a deep discount on your first box!

Hello Fresh Meal.png
Sage Butter Pork Chops
3. Lunches on Lock. Another area where I had been slacking is packing a protein packed, healthy lunch. I fell into lazy mode and would just visit our school cafeteria, which while good- left me tired and hungry not long after my lunch break. To make sure I had my lunches ready for the week I made a detailed grocery list and make sure I have time in the morning to pack my salad with all the goodies including an avocado, nuts, and fruit! I can already feel the difference and am definitely not missing the afternoon slump that used to creep up on me!


4. Stacked with Snacks. Instead of my typical candy-filled, snack drawer at school, I have swapped out the sugar for some healthier snack choices: Hard Boiled Eggs (obviously not kept in my drawer), Fruit, Vegetables, and greek yogurt. I already feel better when I reach for one of these items instead of my typical candy stash!

5. Back on Breakfast. To add to my list of guilt I often skip breakfast. I have never loved it and honestly the things I would eat for breakfast were crap. I am now back on making shakes (I prefer shakeology but am open to try new ones if you have any suggestions) and have found it really keeps my energy level up through the first part of my day and keeps me full! I really want to start prepping shake bags with fruit so I can just put it in the blender and go!

The good news is that I made it through the first week back to school following along with my 2016 goals. The hard part will be sticking with it on the weekend! Happy Friday, everyone!





9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Healthy Choices in 2016

  1. I’m also finding that only cooking up what I need for dinner is helping me not to snack. No food in the house = no snacking.

    Tea is helping to keep me hydrated as well as providing a little flavor that I crave.

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  2. I usually plan out my meals the day before.

    So I do have a plan, but sometimes I still don’t follow it. Sometimes I’m too tired, life gets in the way . . . I don’t find it that hard to prepare a healthy meal for myself on the fly, but getting one my husband will it is a different story. And he doesn’t eat well, so i think it’s so important, but then when I’m tired . . . I haven’t cracked that one yet.

    He’ll be the first to ask if I want to get Chinese or a pizza and usually the answer is no!

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    1. My husband is 100% back on a healthy lifestyle so now I have the pressure to make him healthy meals! It has been great for me- I have really had to focus more on planning and making a good grocery list 🙂

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      1. Well, having him on board is helpul. Mine tends to be on the see food diet: he wants it, he eats it, but the truth is he’s overweight, doesn’t exercise, has gout and high blood pressure.

        When I married him he was underweight and maybe that’s part of the problem — back then he could just eat whatever he wanted.

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  3. I have water bottles in every area I can think of. Nightstand, desk, car. I happen to love water so that helps. I gave up soda over a decade ago and try to drink green tea or sleepytime in the evening to curb cravings and settle in for the night.

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