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2015 Rewind

Wow, another year in the books – hard to believe.  2015 was a great year; however, not without its challenges.  2015 began with a rough start.  Enter Grant, newborn baby and non-stop crier.  He cried.  I cried.  He cried some more.  He would finally stop crying – a Hallmark commercial would come on – and then I would start crying again.  There were a lot of tears.  Then, factor in the post-baby weight struggle.  You moms know what I am talking about.  The “I need to be able to fit back into my work clothes before I head back to work in 12 weeks” struggle.  The “I can’t afford and do not have the time to shop for new clothes” struggle.  The “if I can’t fit into these pants I will have a breakdown” struggle.  The struggle is REAL people!!

So a few weeks into 2015 I made it out of the crying stage and the “I’m too yuck to fit into anything without an elastic waistband” stage.  That’s when 2015 took a turn for the better.  Here are some of my 2015 race highlights:

In addition to these great events, I also participated in the Ocean to Bay Bike Tour and the Amish Country Bike Tour. Both are great events – and I highly recommend adding both events to your 2016 calendar.

What else happened in 2015?

  • I become BodyCombat certified! BodyPump and BodyFlow training was intense, but BodyCombat took things to the next level. There is NOTHING like the energy you feel when teaching a packed Combat class. It’s intense!
  • Yoga and I took our relationship to the next level. While I haven’t fully committed with a ring (aka – taking a 200 hour yoga teacher training) – yoga and I have moved in together (aka I NEED at least 2 yoga classes a week at Higher Power Yoga).
  • I logged a TON of stroller miles. Between short runs after work, walks to the library, runs/walks to get G to sleep, runs/walks to get G out of the house so Jimmy could clean… I have logged 742 miles. While this is shorter than my goal of 1,000 miles, I feel satisfied with where I ended up.
  • And who could forget all of those CSA recipes we shared?!?


Baby g
1st Mother’s Day Run!
Courtney and stroller
Getting those stroller miles in!
Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
Amish Bike Tour

With 2016 right around the corner, I am going to start planning my race and activity calendar now. You better believe I will be repeating most of these events – with some new ones sprinkled in throughout the year. What does your 2016 race calendar look like? Are there certain events you just can’t miss?

4 thoughts on “2015 Rewind

  1. Great year you have had even with the crying from you and the baby 😉

    Trying to plan my 2016 now with a few shorter races (thanks knee arthritis!) and adding triathlons.

    Hope to see you at a race in 2016 😉

    Happy New Year!


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