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Getting through the Holidays with MealEnders {Review & Giveaway}

We are smack in the middle of the holiday season- thanksgiving is in our rearview and Christmas cookies, holiday parties, and eggnog is straight ahead. I love this time of year! What I don’t love about this time of year- when your pants get just a little snug, the fullness of overeating and being uncomfortable, and all the craziness that accompanies Christmas shopping.

However, this year it is different…. For starters, I have had two half marathons I have run with my sister and friends in the past few weeks. Signing up for holiday runs forces you to stay somewhat accountable in working out.  Number two- I am only online shopping this year! And with many stores offering free shipping- I wonder why people even fight the crowds. And number three- I have successfully tried MealEnders at a few office functions to keep that overeating at bay.

MealEnders? Do explain….

MealEnders Signaling Lozenges are a first-of-its-kind weight management tool designed to curb overeating and teach portion control using a combination of behavioral psychology and sensory science. Free of stimulants or other harmful “diet” ingredients, MealEnders catalyze behavioral change by retraining the mind to stop eating with the eyes.

MealEnders consist of two components: a sweet, outer reward layer and a cooling/tingling inner core. The outer layer provides a measured dose of “dessert” associated with the end of a meal, while the inner core engages the trigeminal nerve (the nerve that senses “taste”) with long-lasting cooling/tingling sensations that cleanse the palate.


The concept is very simple. You are eating, you finish your plate, you want more. Story. Of. My. Life.  Meal Enders step in and take that second helping out of the equation. You finish your plate, you want more, you pop in a Meal Enders. We have all read the literature on scientific studies that it takes the brain 20 minutes to register that you are actually full. Also, we all know that our stomach should only be digesting portions of food that are the size of a fist. Meal Enders takes these two concepts and puts things into an actionable plan. While you are sucking on your Meal Enders (after your first plate) your brain is registering that you don’t really need that second helping of lasagna. Meal Enders basically helps you pump the breaks on round two of shoveling food in your mouth.  And for a girl like myself with little to no self-control, this is what I need.

Meal Enders has several different flavors to choose from- my favorite is the citrus, with mocha coming in at a close second. Jimmy was all about the cinnamon, although he is one of those weird people that actually enjoy the burn of cinnamon Altoids.

Want to try MealEnders for yourself? Please use the rafflecopter entry below to win some! Or, if you don’t want to leave the chance to try MealEnders up to Lady Luck – you can buy some for yourself directly from their website!  Be sure to use the discount code FitHolidays20 for 20% off!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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