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Bring on 2016–ZOOMA edition

While I am not one to rush onto the next year quickly I do have something that is very exciting happening in the new year… I have been selected as a ZOOMA 2016 Ambassador!

Zooma ambassador

While sadly I have not ever run a Zooma race (schedule conflicts..every.single.time) I love everything Zooma is about. When you first visit their website ( you will see three words: RUN. LAUGH. CELEBRATE. All things I like to do- especially the celebrate part!

Zooma is all about WOMEN! It is run (organized) by women so you know the details are planned with every t crossed and i dotted. I mean come on-how awesome is that? Next the after party is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I am talking all things us ladies like: yoga, wine, bling with a detachable charm…

run with me

But really this is what Zooma is all about:

  • To conduct social girls weekend fitness experiences in awe-inspiring destinations (Annapolis, MD, Cape Cod, MA  & Ameila Island,FL)
  • To offer “boutique” running events that are distinguished by excellent customer service and upscale amenities
  • To execute highly organized and professional races that exceed participants’ and partners’ expectations
  • To encourage every woman to participate
  • To build a supportive online community that encourages woman to maintain an active lifestyle
  • To celebrate participants on and off the race course

(Found on Zooma’s website–Core values)

I was super pumped to be selected as an ambassador and one of the major perks is that I get to share a discount code with YOU! The discount will be coming soon but in the mean time ((UPDATE- DISCOUNT CODE FOR ANY OF THE 3  ZOOMA RACES: KRISTEN16)) would love for you to join me for the first Zooma event of the year:  Run Love Challenge which is a virtual 5k or 10k to kick start your 2016! You can read about all the details on the Zooma Website.


When you sign up for this virtual you get a laundry list of items. You can check out the list below for all the goods and all the details but know that I CANNOT wait to get that sweatshirt- it looks so comfy! I am looking forward to using the training plan that I got and hopefully work on increasing my speed a little bit. The online support group is also a great motivational piece that helps with accountability and overall fun!


I am so excited to be a party of this running community and plan to run in the Annapolis Zooma Half on June 4th! As I get more details about each race and of course a discount code I will send more information to your way!

Have you ever run a Zooma Race? What is the most unique race after party perk you have experienced? 

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