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Koma What?

It has been a while since Kristen or I posted any recipes or updates from our Fifer’s “Delmarva Box” CSA Program.  Never fear – while I haven’t necessarily been posting my recipes, I have been trying out some new veggies and taste testing a few new recipes.  Not all of them have been home runs, but a few are worth sharing.


This week in our CSA box we received komatsuna.  I had never heard of komatsuna prior to this week’s CSA email which lets members know what to expect in their box in the upcoming week.  Doing what I do best, I quickly turned to my dear friend to see what knowledge she could share.  (And yes, is female.  Do you think a man could multi-task like that?  ….Kidding, of course).


Komatsuna is a Japanese mustard spinach. If bok choy and spinach had a baby – it would be named komatsuna.  Finding a recipe was a little bit challenging.  Since the vegetable has Japanese roots, a lot of recipes google was giving me involved Asian spices that I did not have on hand.  Plus, since I have turned into a coupon clipper/saver/only-buy-it-on sale kind of girl – I did not want to buy spices for a recipe I might only use once.


After further research – I hit the recipe jackpot.  The title, “When Simple is Best: Komatsuna and Chicken Stir-Fry”.  Oh do go on…..  you had me at “Simple”.  This recipe not only looked really easy, but I also had all of the ingredients on hand.


All you need: Chicken breasts (sliced in strips), komatsuna, sesame oil, garlic, vinegar (I used rice wine vinegar), soy sauce, sesame seeds, and S &P.  Serve that ish up with a side of rice and BOOM, dinner is served in under 20 mins.  Plus – it’s a 1 pot meal, which means clean-up just got a whole lot easier.  I will admit, I added about 1 tbs of EVOO in addition to the sesame oil, and doubled what the recipe used for soy sauce and vinegar.

finished product

I think next time I make this I am going to up the veggie-ante and sauté up some carrots and broccoli to add with the komatsuna.

This recipe is simple, fresh, and delicious. Jimmy even gave me a high five, and that is coming from a man who only ate iceberg lettuce and carrots prior to dating me – I consider that a serious win!

Alright – so you have the recipe – now get out there and get cooking!  I would love to hear what you think.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you think this recipe is on fleek, or if this was a fail. 

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