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Running the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon!

shirt, bib, medal

Despite the Rehoboth Beach Running Company Marathon & Half Marathon taking place for a few years now (7 or 8), this is the first time I participated. I vowed to keep my racing “local” this year and started towards this goal by registering for the Half last year on New Years Eve when the race is at it’s all-time lowest in price. This event features a full marathon (Boston Qualifier) and a Half marathon. The weather turned out to be a perfect day!

Me and C at start.jpg

The race itself was great and I got to spend 13.1 miles running with Courtney which made it 1,000 times better. I will say it again- running with someone else makes it sooooo much easier, at least for me.

Sunrise over the bandstand

For one reason or another I was really not “feeling” getting up at 5:00 am to run the half, however I quickly tried to change my tune and think of it as a long run that requires wearing a bib. Court and I kept things slow and steady the entire race and I ended up finishing in 2:08, which Court sprinted ahead and finished slightly before me. There were a few eye catching people running the race that are worth mentioning: A woman pushing a stroller in the half – way to go, and the 5 men roped together running the marathon, which by the way were SO FAST!!! Courtney and I were pretty baffled at the tied together runners but later from the facebook group we heard they were trying to break a record. Pretty amazing to see- what trust they had in one another!

splits 1

splits 2.png

Instead of breaking things down for you about how the race was for me, because overall it was great, I want to share with you some reasons you should sign up for this race on New Years Eve!

Starting LIne
Courtney and me shortly after starting!

Reasons to Run Rehoboth in 2016:

  • Exciting Course which provides beach views, trail scenes and mixture of paved roads and trails. The course itself also had lots of opportunities to see others, had great volunteers, and had perfectly placed water stops/restrooms. Spectators were also along the course at certain locations and provided some extra cheering- just when most runners seemed to need it most! The course ran us to the boardwalk to see the sunrise and then to the entrance of Gordon’s Pond, back through the quaint and cozy beach town of Rehoboth and then out and back through the Junction & Breakwater Trail and of course back to Downtown Rehoboth to finish. You can read more about both the trails by checking out our Delmarva Trail Page!
runkeeper map.png
The course was 2 out and back sections
  • Options, Options, Options. So you may be thinking how many options is there in a race? Well first off when you register you have the option of upgrading to a female cut shirt. This is a nice feature as sometimes the unisex shirts just do not fit right. Other options that really surprised me was the variety of food offered at the after party. Being a Rehoboth race rookie I jumped the gum and filled my plate with lunch items (hotdog, coleslaw, salad, ect) instead of waiting for the breakfast items! Overall the spread featured: hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, salad and then the breakfast side which had pancakes, bacon, and a few other items. I was blown away by the food variety! The after party was located in two different places: the Cultured Pearl (next to finish line) and inside the Finishers Tent. We only checked out the Cultured Pearl party but the long wait to get to the food/drinks was worth it once we saw the food spread.
  • Beautiful Finishers Medal. I love when races have unique medals. This one did not disappoint as you can see below!

3 finishers

finish with medal

  • Easy Parking. When I saw parking was easy, it was E-A-S-Y. The hardest part was deciding if you wanted to part closer to the starting line (at the bandstand/boardwalk) or if you wanted to part near the finish line. I decided upon parking near the finish line and it was perfect to grab a jacket and head to the after party. This made race morning so EASY and stress-free.
  • Free Race Photos! This right here is probably one the best perks of the race! There were lots of on-course photographers and you have access to all the race photos- FOR FREE!!!!
  • Supportive Facebook Group. This group was awesome for calming pre-race jitters, hooking up with unofficial pace groups, comic relief and generally getting any and every race question answered quickly! If you sign up for this race, joining the facebook group is a must.

Bonuses: Lots of santas running, flat course, you can make it a racecation, and lots of restaurants offer discounts if eating there before or after the race. 

While every great event does a few draw backs the only major ones I can report is long lines to get to the after party and no deferral or bib transfer.

If you think you want to Run Rehoboth (half or full) in 2016 I HIGHLY encourage you take advantage of the low pricing when the race registration opens at noon on New Years Eve.

Have ever signed up for a race 12 months in advance? What do you think of the no referral, no transfer rule?

6 thoughts on “Running the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon!

  1. Hey I was there too! I came in right behind you at 2:09!

    I have to say-i wasn’t too impressed. I feel like I am the only one who felt that way :(. I did not like the trail/gravel park of the run at all!! I actually twisted my already weak ankle on a larger loose rock. The flat was just so boring to me-i have never run a 0 elevation race before-it felt kind of weird. I may give it another go…we will see.

    Wish I could have met up with you-i think I knew you were racing but totally forgot 😦


    1. I have run the trail portion many times so I knew what I was getting into- I can see how it would not be a preference to others though. It was kind of tight at times, however that was encouragement for me to keep moving!! I hope your ankle is ok!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Honestly I think it’s so brave to sign up for a race a year in advance! I never know what will be going on in my life and if I’ll be injured so I love that you were able to do this and make it work! Great job on the half!

    Liked by 1 person

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