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Annapolis Running Classic Half Race Recap

bib and medal

So now over one week later I finally have time to sit down and write my race recap from the always fun Annapolis Running Classic Half that took place on November 21st. I figured I would have time recap all the fun while I was off from school for Thanksgiving break but wait a minute- I was actually out there RUNNING instead!

This year marked my 3rd time running this race as well as my first year being an ambassador for the event! One of the major perks was some sweet swag we got, as well as a discount code to encourage others to sign up and run!

Being a somewhat “veteran” to this race I knew what to expect and that is how the race went. We picked up our bibs Friday night and immediately went downtown for some dinner. After a little bit of unplanned sight seeing we ended up having dinner at the Iron Rooster! This place was awesome, and by awesome I mean they serve breakfast all day!

iron rooster

They had an awesome menu and I recommend checking this place out if you take a trip to Annapolis anytime soon. I ended up getting the MASSIVE waffle burger, complete with a fried egg and bacon. It was delicious to say the least. And yes… I ate the entire thing.

waffle burger


After dinner we retired back to our hotel which was about 10 minutes from the downtown area. 5:00 AM came early and after a terrible night of sleep I was pretty much dreading the 13.1 miles that were ahead of me. After we all took our time getting ready the girls headed down to the Naval Stadium to get in line for the bathroom. It was pretty chilly but we knew once we started we would warm right up.

headed to downtown

The race started promptly at 7:00 and we were off! The first half of the race takes you all around down town and is always so beautiful. There are opportunities to see others which was fun as Lacee and I started out at a different place then the rest of the group. Not really having any goals for the race was nice- we wanted to run, have fun and finish. As we approached the 10k/Half split we headed right towards the bridge.. oh that bridge.


By this point the easy part of the race was over. The second half seems to be all hills. As you can see the elevation map below this is where all the ups and downs take place.

elevation chart

During this part of the race we were able to see all our other running partners. I was starting to get tired and my knee was bothering me. Come to find out it was the DOWNHILLS that were making my knee hurt! Stupid Hills! Lacee ended up taking off with Kelly around mile 9 or so and I was able to meet up with Courtney. This was her longest race since Baby Grant made his arrival and I must say she was kicking butt considering! As Courtney and  I was running I spotted this super cute couple… like seriously Chad and I now have #couplegoals –talk about pure sweetness.

couple goals

With only 3 miles left it was safe to say Courtney and I were ready to be finished. As we approached the bridge for the second time I again stopped to take a walk break and Courtney powered on. The view right before the bridge was so pretty so I also snapped the picture below.

back into Annapolis

The last few miles seemed to last forever for me and I guess this was because by this point I was not running with anyone and I did not have any music playing. I tried to just focus on getting it finished and crossing that finish line. Right around mile 12 there was one last water stop. I decided to get a quick drink and then get the race finished. Shortly after I was headed through the parking lot of the stadium towards the finish line. I was able to see Chad so right before finishing I ran over to give him a big hug and then crossed the finish line in a time of 2:12. I was very happy with this time considering I had gotten no sleep the night before and not eaten anything that morning. Throughout the race my GPS was off from the mile markers and my Runkeeper said my total distance was 13.7!!! My splits were fairly steady , even with a few walk breaks throughout.

splits 1

splits 2

After we finished and a few of us met back up we headed to the tent to pick up our premium and get some food. The tent was super crowded and we did have to wait for pretty much everything- premium, food, oysters, ect. If I had one recommendation it would be that we get our premium with bib pickup, instead of having to get it after the race. Regardless the premiums were worth the wait- I love mine!


Me and C


We ended up staying at the party for a little while and enjoyed hearing the band play and eating our soup. Once we had our fill of the after party we headed back to the hotel to get ready to head back home. As much as I love going to run races I am always looking forward to getting back home to my littles.

party tent

Overall the race this year was again fun and challenging. The premium did not disappoint and the course was beautiful. The weather was perfect and the girls I ran with made it even more fun.

So next up is the Rehoboth Half which takes place on Saturday!


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