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Gearing Up for the Annapolis Half Marathon


arc gear

Well it is finally race week. Way back in May I signed up for the Annapolis Half Marathon and not even  a few weeks later I was picked to be an ambassador. Being part of the A-team has been great and definitely keep my motivation and training on somewhat on point.

This fall has been interesting to say the least. I was in a MAJOR running rut and really struggled to get back to just simply enjoying running for what it was. Once I stopped worrying so much about mileage, what others were doing and if I was cross training enough, blah blah I FINALLY got back to just doing what I loved, which is to RUN! I was in a meeting the other day and a co-worker asked me if I had done any runs the weekend before. I stopped for a minute to think and I was excited to report I had run Friday, raced Saturday and even snuck out for a run on Sunday. She replied with “Stella’s got her groove back” and boy did it bring a smile to my face!

Luckily my running rut ended just as the Annapolis Half was nearing. Even though I did not get to complete any “long” runs prior to the race, I have gotten to run so I know I will be fine and finish- which is my goal of every race anyway.

I was chatting with my sister, who is also running this weekend, and we decided we would have fun, take lots of selfies and maybe even live Tweet the entire race. Sounds like fun right? Well as we were discussing our plans I said ” It is not like we are going to win the race, so why not just enjoy it!”  So there you have it- no real goals for the race besides just have as much fun as possible!

There will be a handful of us girls all running which I am most excited about! For some it is the first time running this race and others (myself, Amy and Court) we are seasoned vets! For Courtney and  I it will be our 3rd time running this race! We are looking forward to adding some new Annapolis swag to our collection and of course another beautiful medal!

Right now the weather forecast is looking great! Start time is at 7:00 AM, high for the day is 51 with low winds (thank goodness) and more importantly there is not RAIN or SNOW in the forecast! The past two times we ran this race it was cold and windy- which is always better than rain, but wind and I just do not get along.

Like all races that I travel for I will over pack but most importantly I will have what I need…. my list will look something like this:

  • multiple sparkly soul headbands (probably 5 just to be safe)
  • sunglasses
  • gum
  • capris
  • multiple different short sleeve/ long sleeve/ tank options
  • shoes and socks (duh)
  • nathan belt
  • selfie stick (Courtney will be pack this!)
  • sweatshirt for after party

It is so funny to feel so excited for a half. I used to get all nervous and worked up and I really just cannot wait to run 13.1 miles with some of my best running friends and eat some grilled oysters! This will mark half marathon #13 for me- be sure to follow me on social media so you can enjoy the half marathon fun on Saturday starting promptly at 7:00 AM!

Twitter: @kstewjones

Snapchat: kstewjones

Instagram: you guessed it- kstewjones

gotta be consistent right?




4 thoughts on “Gearing Up for the Annapolis Half Marathon

  1. Have a great time! I have never run this race and I think I need to put it on my list since it’s really so close!!


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