Do What You Love. Love What you Do

do what you love

You know you have seen this saying on a hat, coffee mug, or somewhere out there on social media but lately it has really stuck out to me. I feel like my last few posts have been beating myself up that I cant find my fitness routine and miles have been hard to come by but I think the real problem is that I have gotten away from what I really love to do- RUN!

Halloween Dress up FUN at school
Halloween Dress up FUN at school

For some reason I have been putting pressure on myself to do different things and for what? A few weekends ago I had a back-to-back 5k weekend! It was awesome and I had FUN! Saturday, October 24th I participated in the Harvest Hustle that took place at Fifer’s Orchard in Camden, Delaware and it was GREAT! I decided I was going to “race” and try my best for a good time! I ended up crossing the 3.1 mark right at 27:00 and I was super happy with that! While not a PR it was definitely a time that I was proud of. The venue was a neat place for the race. You probably remember all my posts about my CSA box and the program I took part of this summer. This is the farm that organizes the program! The farm itself is beautiful and the smell of hot, fresh apple cider donuts at 7:30 AM did not hurt either. My sister ran the race as well pushing baby G and dominating like a champ! Her husband, as well as few ladies from the Delmarva Moms RUN This town group also came up to race- which by the way dominated with some age group awards! Way to go ladies!

Courtney and I at the start of the race
Courtney and I at the start of the race
Apple Donuts.......
Apple Donuts…….

The following day I also participated in a free run that the local hospital organized. It was the perfect temperature for a race-not to hot and not too cold!  Despite some clouds and few rain drops near the end the race was great! This time I was pushing the double stroller with both littles so my time was naturally slower but none the less not short on fun! Sweet little Tanner made it his personal goal to tell every person we saw “Happy Halloween” and Reagan decided she would take the opportunity to eat all her snacks + Tanner’s!

Going into that run I decided I would just make it a fun run and not worry about anything else. Pushing the kids in an organized run is kind of like a box of chocolates… you never know what you are going to get!

Fellow Mother Runner, Stephanie and me after the race!
Fellow Mother Runner, Stephanie and me after the race!

sneakers and creepers with kids

The best part of the weekend was doing what I love- Running! Fast, slow, with the stroller, in a race- it was all great!

Since the double run weekend finding time to fit in runs or anything has been sparse. Life is just busy and honestly at this time I would rather sleep then get up at 4:30 to get it done. I guess back to the slogan of “do what you love, love what you do” I love getting sleep and being rested for my day- so hey sleep it is my friends! I have snuck in a few treadmill runs here and there because sometimes it is the quickest way to get it done and an excuse to wear my new and super cute Sweatdropracer tank from SweatPink! I really do love this thing- it is comfortable AND a little bit longer to cover the bootayyy! If you are in the market for a cute racer bank tank definitely look this one up at the Sweat Pink Store and use the code SWEATDROPRACER15 to save 15% off!


SWEATDROPRACER15 saves 15% if you buy one!
SWEATDROPRACER15 saves 15% if you buy one!

As we are quickly moving into Fall one of my favorite races of all time is coming up quickly- The Annapolis Running Classic. instead of being all worried about setting a PR or any of that I am looking forward to spending roughly 2 hours with my Best Running Friends and Sole Mates as we pound the pavement through beautiful Annapolis and enjoy the amazing after party! It is still not too late to join us (KJREF15 saves 10%)! Shortly after Annapolis it will be time for the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon! This will be my first time running this so I am looking forward to keeping it local!  Do you have any fun fall races coming up?


I finally feel content that I have figured out what it is that I need to do and that is just do what I love and RUN!

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