Fall Check-In: Still in the Fitness Funk!

While I would love to say that things have fallen right into place with my fall fitness routine, and I am running more miles then ever and completely dominating all things in life, that is definitely not the case. I am still in the fitness funk! While life is great, I cannot complain about that, however I still cannot find my fitness grove.

I was able to spend a fabulous weekend away with my best girl friends in Cape May, New Jersey. It was perfect to simply sum it up. We laughed, had fun, relaxed and even watched the sun rise and went for a coast line run. It was perfect and much needed.

lighthousegroup shot

While finding my fitness grove has been a struggle, it has also carried over to work. Just like I need more hours in the day to get my exercise in, I need more hours at work to get everything done that needs to be done! Since the start of the school year I have slowly started to feel as though I am getting into a more organized, natural way of getting everything done- which is truly a great feeling to have once again.

While I have still not stepped foot into the gym and hardly run any miles this month I have had some exciting things happen that I want to share! I decided that instead of beating myself up over all that I hoped to accomplish, I should focus on the great and exciting things that have happened!

My Yogi Tea- The label read “Be Proud of who you are” Just the reminder I needed.
  • Mail Days have been awesome lately– As you may know I am an ambassador for a few companies and a few races. While I love being an ambassador simply because I love the products or races, I have been getting some AWESOME swag lately in the mail. Checking the mail has been a major highlight lately mainly due to Sparkly Soul and the Annaplis Running Classic.

R sparkly pinkT sparkly pink

Clearly my love of Sparkly Soul Headbands has moved to my kids that also love wearing them as much as me! If you have not tried these headbands out yet- seriously they are a game changer!  Along with some awesome headbands that they sent me for finishing their Ambassador challenge, they also sent me some sparkly hair ties! Super cute and of course sparkly! I have even heard that I will be getting two Teal headbands to add to my collection! woo hoo and THANK YOU 🙂

Along with my growing headbands collection, my race gear collection is also growing. As an Annapolis Running Classic Ambassador they straight up spoiled me with this awesome v neck shirt and hat!

arc gear

It is so soft and if I can ever get myself motivated to go on a run I am definitely wearing this combo! Maybe for one of the local 5k races I plan to run in this weekend??? This race is quickly approaching and it is going to be a great time! If you have not signed up yet be sure to use the discount code KJREF15 to save 10% off the registration price of the half or the 10k! While the course is challenging it is my FAVORITE and the after party is well…. the best party ever!

  • We had a successful Group Run! As the co-leader of the local Moms Run This Town Group we have struggled to either find a date to hold a group run or when we actually do have a run we usually have no one show up due to other obligations. This past weekend we had 7 total runners which was super excited! We had all different paces but the majority of us ended up running 7 miles- which for one runner was a distance PR! It was super fun and we had that perfect weather- chilly start with the sun warming us up each mile. We have yet to schedule our next group run but with numbers growing from just two of us to 7 we know we it will only get better!

group run

  • Potty Training, Silliness and Smiles have taken over! While potty training has made me want to cry some days overall it has been getting better. Thank goodness for my mom and all the other moms out there that remind me that it will get better. We have had some great days with some pretty awesome rewards (see the new Barbie below)

R and new barbiebut there has been days where I have either not left the bathroom or the laundry room. I am hoping days like that are in the past but hey what I have learned- anything can happen! Weekends have been full of cuddles and silliness and while I have yet to find the fitness routine I have been looking for- I am pretty happy with what has been going on.

silly TcuddlesWhile the month is quickly coming to an end and I do not have many miles to show for it or other workouts logged it is nice to take some time and reflect on the good things. I have a lot to be thankful for and smile about!

How is your month going so far? What fall races are you running? Any potty training tips or tricks??


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