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BuluBox— Will you #LoveBulu

I love surprises.  I love surprise cards in the mail; surprise runs with my besties; surprise “coming home and the house is clean”.  The list could go on forever….   If you, like me, LOVE surprises – then I have a service that I think you might enjoy.


Bulu Box is a monthly subscription service that provides 4 to 5 supplements, healthy snacks, and weight loss products every month.  That’s right – sign up now and you could have a surprise package waiting on your doorstep once every month!

I received my first Bulu Box as part of a Fit Approach promotion.  Right out of the gate I was impressed.  The Bulu Box was covered in positive affirmations.  “Make today ridiculously awesome”.  “The difference between try and triumph is a little ‘umph’.”  “Go the extra mile it’s never crowded”.

I like what I see…jerky

I open my Bulu Box to some incredible goodies.  My favorite product was the Fusion Jerky!  Not only was the jerky tasty – but it also had enough protein to power me and my husband through a 20 mile bike ride on an empty stomach.  Keeping Jimmy interested in biking along for longer than an hour is tough – adding in hunger and you can just forget about it.  But this jerky was hearty enough to see us through to the end.


There are 2 Buluboxes to choose from:  Bulu Box original and Bulu Box Weight loss.  The best part of Bulu Box – the sample sizes allow you to try products before you commit to purchasing the full size item.  In addition to surprises, I also love SAMPLES!  These samples are like a test drive – giving you a chance to try the product before you commit!  Now the best part – Bulu Box is only $10 a month; sign up for 12 months and it’s only $9.17 per box.  But wait, there’s more…  Sign up now using the discount code SWEATPINK and get 50% off a 3-month subscription!  Let me do the math for you… That’s $15 for 3 surprise goodie packages waiting at your door!  I can’t buy 3 venti drinks from Starbucks for $15.

So go ahead, treat yourself! You know I am!  (Plus my birthday is coming up… so it is like an early present to myself)

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