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Exploring Delaware’s Trails: Gordons Pond Trail

By this time all kids are back in school and I do not know how things work on your household but things are downright crazy over here!

As my summer break from teaching came to an end I joined the rest of the working population and became a weekend warrior- where every minute counts and it’s a race against the clock to do as many fun things as possible before Monday morning rolls back around.

With a Saturday afternoon with no plans scheduled on the calendar I racked my brain for ideas of what my kids and myself could get into and I instantly thought of one of the trails I have been hoping to explore all summer long- Gordons Pond Trail!


Me and the littles cruised up to the North end of Rehoboth and found ourselves in the parking lot for the trail. As usual I was not quite sure what to expect but packed plenty of snacks to keep the kids busy! As we started on the trail we checked out the information booth and started out with some pretty awesome views as you can see below.

IMG_5684-0 IMG_5688
If you look closely in the last picture you can see some of the infamous towers that can be seen on Delaware’s beaches. The trail even had a little info about them along the way!

As we continued down the nice packed gravel trail we hit our first mile marker and of course some more beautiful views.


Along the trail there were benches and so many different views. It was really awesome to say the least.

The next part of the trail was a raised trail! I really love the raised trails at trap pond so I was excited to see this along the way. The raised portion had some inclines and proved to be a real workout with the double stroller + 60 pounds of toddler.


Shortly after the raised portion ended we were entering a part of the Cape Henlopen State Park. If you were really ambitious you could run a lot more miles since there are multiple trails you could connect to but that was not happening for me that day.



Once we reached the official end of the trail we turned around and headed back. We saw lots of other runners, bikers and even some people enjoying the views on the benches that could be found along the trail. I kind of fell in love with this trail that day. I’m already itching to go back and maybe enjoy it all again.

With fall weather on the horizon (maybe) I cannot wait to continue exploring all the other trails Delaware has to offer. I never realized how spoiled it was to have so many beautiful running trails so close by!

Any suggestions of what trail I should explore next?

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