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Exploring Delaware’s Trails: Fresh Water Pond Trail

Right down the road from the Assawoman Canal Trail that I explored last week is another little hidden gem that southern Delaware has to offer- The Fresh Pond Trails. These trails are park of the Seashore State Park.

I have only been on these trails a few times before as I ran in the Ed Dean 4-miler that Seashore Striders puts on each year. While that race is always one of my favorites due to the unique distance and awesome after party put on by Magnolias I truly never got a good feel for the Fresh Pond trail and all it has to offer.

A few times this summer my morning mile girls ran the fresh pond trail but I somehow missed it each time we planned to meet there. I was determined to get out there and do some exploring before it was time to go back to school. So one afternoon myself and the kids decided it was time to take on the trails!

The fresh pond trail area is made up two main trails- Fred Hudson Trail (1Mile long- one way) and the Prickly Pear Trail (3.5 mile loop). The best part about these trails is you can access them from four different areas- 2 access points from Route 1 (North Bethany) Fred Hudson Road or Hickman Road. You can read about all the details on the Delaware State Park Website.

Above the Fred Hudson trail head is shown. When you enter the trail from this point it consists of a raised portion and then thick pines trees which has made the path completely covered with pine needles. While this may sound like a difficult running/ walking or biking path it is actually easy and I had no problem pushing the double stroller!

Once out of the thick trees the trail opened up and the first intersection appeared. Here you could continue on the trail or turn and head out to one of Route 1 access points. We kept on going which passed by the Fresh Pond and of course some beautiful views.


Once we passed the pond we entered another wooded area which gave us a nice shade from the hot afternoon sun. By this time the kids were both asleep and the trail run seemed so peaceful!

Once out of this wooded patch we met up with the prickly pear trail. This is also where the parking lot off of Hickman Road was located. This was the part of the trail I remembered from the previous races I had done here.

The prickly pear trail was another long and straight portion. This trail was also well marked and if followed to the end, you reach route 1. You can check out the official trail map here.

There are grassy trail portions that you can take off of this trail but since I had the stroller with two sleeping kiddos I thought I would stick to the main part of the trail. You can check out the Delaware State Park website for more info on the trails, as well as see the other portions that I did not run. Below is my Runkeeper map from my trail exploration. My route was basic and including the Fred Hudson Road portion of the run I logged 6 miles for the day.

If this trail is one you are interested in exploring this week happens to be the Ed Dean 4- Mile Trail Race! The race starts and ends at Magnolia’s which is located on Cedar Neck Road. Seashore Striders is again organizing the race which starts at 8:00 am on Saturday, August 29th. You can register online by using this link here.


Have you checked out a Delaware Trail yet?  What is your favorite thing about trail running? Be sure to stayed tuned for a Jonesin’ + Delaware Tourism Trail Challenge coming your way!

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