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BuluBox (health and fitness delivered to your door)

Monthly boxes delivered to your mailbox/door step seem to be all the rage right now- you can get food, clothes, kids crafts, beauty samples all by signing up for a monthly box! BuluBox has decided to join the party and offer a complete health and wellness box delivered right to YOU!

For today’s post I have partnered with SweatPink and BuluBox to share all the goodness that BuluBox has to offer!

I have to admit I am often one to buy something new to try and I end up not liking it- I do not even want to think the money I have spent on vitamins, supplements, or other random health and wellness odds and ends.

BuluBox is the perfect way to avoid wrapping up a ton of money on products that you want to try. In my sample box I reviewed I was sent 2 packages of peanut butter quest protein powder, a package of Yeeba Daily Fiber Formula, Movit Energy Gummies, Sundries Tomato and Basil Mediterra Bar and a lifestyle bonus product: Earth’s Care Anti-Itch Cream.

Along with the samples, I also received information about each product. This little information sheet gives all the need-to-know info for the product!

The best part about the BuluBox is once you find your favorite products you can go to the BuluBox site and order full size products! Another cool perk with BuluBox is you can write your reviews on products and earn “points” that can be redeemed towards full size products! If you want some more info or even a short video to watch check out the BuluBox website here.

So now that I have got you all excited for signing up for your first BuluBox I have even more excited news— You can use the discount SWEATPINK and get 50% off your 3-month subscription!

So what are you waiting for? Check out BuluBox online and #LoveBulu!

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