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Hot Temps, Cool Ride.

Hot Temps, Cool Ride.

Court on Bike

It’s HOT out there.  That Hot with a capital H.O.T.  We have had close to ten days in a row of 95 degrees with high levels of humidity…. I am sweating just thinking about it.  The only way this weather is even bearable is if I am sitting in a pool, close to completely submerged in water, with a frozen beverage on standby (preferable a strawberry margarita or in a perfect world – a “Pain in da a**” from Seacrets.  It’s delicious; you should treat yourself to one next time you are in Ocean City, MD.

Last Saturday I really wanted to get in a good cardio workout – but the thought of hitting the pavement when the heat index was already close to 85/90 in the morning was less than appealing to me.  I looked at Jimmy, looked at baby G, and then it dawned on me – Family Bike RIDE!

CG and Trailer

Bike riding with Jimmy can either go 1 of 2 ways.  Scenario #1.  Jimmy has a great time, loves every minute, can’t wait to go again, and he says, “Why don’t we do this more often”….  OR, Scenario #2.  Jimmy hates it, complains every second, wants to quit, wants to take a break, and every two minutes he says, “can we turn around now” (literally, every 2 minutes).  Now, please don’t think that Jimmy is out of shape – because he is not.  He plays in an adult Baseball league – which he was in the league’s home run derby AND selected for the All Star team –  and he is also an amazing golfer.  However, quite frankly, he does not have the leg endurance for cycling long distance like I do simply because I teach 2 cycling classes a week, among other classes, and I like to run.

So the gambler in me decided to roll the dice and see how this ride would turn out. I started to sweat as we packed up the car with the 2 bikes, baby trailer, waters, helmets, gloves, and all the necessary baby accoutrements.


This was our 2nd time using our Burley Honey Bee Child Trailer.  This child trailer is more like a baby chariot!  G was going to get pulled in style!  After searching many reviews online, we decided to go with the Burley Bee for several reasons.  #1 – There is an insert available which creates a 5 point safety harness so you can go riding with children under the age of 1.  A lot of other brands/models out there did not have this feature.  The trailer can fit 2 children comfortably – or in our case, 1 kid with plenty of toys, snacks, and drinks.  And just take a look at this ride – tinted windows, reflective materials and reflectors, weather cover, plenty of leg room, and roomy cargo storage area in the back.  Wow, now that’s a lot of bells and whistles.  Plus, this trailer easily converts into a jogging stroller.

Burley Side

I could go on and on about the Burley Trailer…. But back to the bike ride….

water view

I volunteered to pull the “chariot”.  We headed east out to route 9, and headed north towards the town of Leipsic.  Baby G enjoyed a smooth ride in the trailer and was passed out from about 5 minutes into the ride.  I was feeling good.   Jimmy was feeling good.   Life was good.   I didn’t want to get too far from home with baby G and the temps set to rise – so we turned around to head back after about 45 minutes of riding.  Once we started to head south the winds changed.  Pulling the trailer just got exponentially harder.  This wind was no joke.  Pulling a baby trailer in the wind – well that’s just cruel and unusual punishment.  Each pedal stroke felt like it took all I had.  Hamstrings and quads were burning, glutes were on fire.  Meanwhile, Jimmy is just pulling ahead like we aren’t in a wind tunnel.  He turns around and motions for me to speed up to catch up to him.  He has to be kidding.  He turns around again and waves.  Oh I know he didn’t just do that again….  The wind picks up after we make a turn.  I look back to make sure that my precious baby hasn’t morphed into a group of teenagers because WOW I feel like I am pulling 300 pounds back there!

bike map

We made it home safe and sound.  I was spent, drenched in sweat, and needed to shower ASAP.  Jimmy was super excited that for once I was the one who was dying on a bike ride. Now I know how he feels.  Touché Pennewell, touché.

Grant and G

One thought on “Hot Temps, Cool Ride.

  1. I’ve heard great things about that bike trailer, it looks awesome! Both my boys are riding their own bikes now which is great and sad all at the same time!

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