Iron Cowboy

Running With The Iron Cowboy

So doing 1 ironman is no joke and the amount of respect I have for someone who puts their life on hold to train is sky high. That being said this guy has blown my amazement level out of the water with what he is doing.

James “Iron Cowboy” Lawernce has set out to complete 50 Ironmans, in 50 States in 50 DAYS! Yes, shut the front door- in 50 days- talk about a test of the human body and mind! Just in case you have forgotten the distances involved with an ironman it entails a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, followed by a marathon!

As the Iron Cowboy comes through each state he has wingmen that accompany him and even some locals come out and do part or even the whole ironman with him. During the run portion a 5k is organized for others to join James. On a spur of the moment decision the Jonesin’ girls decided to be a part of this amazing  experience. The Delaware portion was outside of Dover at the beautiful and welcoming Fifer’s Orchard. Upon arriving to the orchard a small registration table was set up and we all awaited the Cowboys return to begin the 5k.

Once James got back he refueled and gave us some information about how he is feeling stronger each day and his purpose for doing this: to inspire others to challenge themselves and to be more active. He has partnered with the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation to be part of the fight against obesity- specifically childhood obesity.

The group gathered around for the official start of the group run. We headed down the country roads and ran together to help James log 3 more miles of his 26.2 required for the day. While he is so inspiring, you could tell all of us were inspiring him!

With the Delaware Ironman now in the books he has now completed 28 IronMans and will begin his journey towards 29 in New Jersey. Take a few minutes and check out the website and see if the Iron Cowboy will be heading to your state- if so go and support him! Being a part of this was incredible and I am happy I made the trip to be able to support and encourage James on his journey!

If you think this is awesome you should also check out what local runner, Trent Swanson is doing next week- running 50 miles to raise money for Athletes Serving Athletes and Pediatric Cancer.

All the money he raises will be split 50/50 between two very deserving groups! Check out his page here! Being a part of the running community is awesome-It is so much more than logging miles and setting PRs.

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What do you love most about the running community? What is the best running event you have been a part of?


3 thoughts on “Running With The Iron Cowboy

  1. Some friends and I ran with him in Cambridge on Thursday night. He really is Amazing & inspiring! His wife told us a lot about what daily life is like for them right now. Pretty cool how he brings his five children along, too.

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