Signs of Summertime 


It is no secret that I love summer. Being a beach baby my entire life my love of the summer months has never dwindled.

I am fortunate enough to also get 8 weeks off during my favorite time of the year. During these weeks I am able to enjoy the life of no schedules and quality time with the kids and my husband.

tide pool

There are quite a few signs that it is summertime at my house:

  • Bathing suits are all over the place. My bedroom is covered in bikini tops and bottoms and the kids suits to seem to all over the rest of the house. Between swimming lessons, back deck pool/water table time, and beach trips it is safe to say we spend time in our suits nearly every day.
  • Sand, sand and more sand. Just as the bathing suits are all over the sand has also given our house and car a nice covering. It seems that it doesn’t matter how much we shake out the towels or clean the beach bags the sand finds itself inside. The bathtub is also slowly becoming a sand box…


  • The flowers are blooming. My back deck is radiant and my flowers are full of color and life.

flowers 1

flowers 2

  • Morning workouts are in full effect. Most days I have been setting my alarm so I can sneak out for a run before the rest of the house wakes up. While beating the heat is great, knowing my workout is done before everyone else starts their day is a great feeling! The best part is that I can sit and enjoy my coffee and the Today show guilt free!

AM Run

  • There is lots of cooking going on. Between my CSA box (sorry for bailing on the weekly CSA update and recipes) my garden and the local fruit farms with crops ready to be picked I have been baking and cooking up a storm! Some highlights so far have been Squash Pie, Peach Dumplimgs, Eggplant PizzaBites, Cucumbers in Vinegar, Vegetable beef Soup, Chochate Zuchinni bread/ muffins, sautéed and seasoned green beans and of course sautéed squash and Zuchinni. I love trying using all the fresh veggies and making healthy meals out of them!

eggplant pizzq

Green beans

I hope you have been able to enjoy the summer so far as well! It is hard to believe 4th of July is this week! Be sure to take some time for yourself and enjoy the sunshine, vegetables and all other summery things!

round zuchini

Do you have any summer traditions? What is your favorite summer recipe? 

2 thoughts on “Signs of Summertime 

  1. I’m loving time at the beach – it’s been not so nice on the weekends so I’m really hoping that changes in July and August! Favorite summer recipe… spaghetti squash with a bunch of roasted veggies and tomato sauce. It’s the best!


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