Time to Get Moving: SweatPink #1MillionMinutes or more!

You may have seen the promotion #1MillionMinutes from the awesome Community, SweatPink. The SweatPink ladies are celebrating their 4th birthday and of course want to make it one to remember. The goal is to have the sweatpink community log over 1 Million Active Minutes between June 21st (today) through August 21st- exactly 2 months to get moving- SweatPink style.

To kick off the first day myself along with loads of other SweatPink sisters are sharing our goals for this challenge through a fun little post-so here goes nothing!

1 million minutes

I am so excited to join #1MillionMinutes with #sweatpink! This summer my goal is to do  150 minutes per week of RUNNING, while wearing my favorite and new Saucony Triumph ISO Purple Sneakers thanks to the Mother Runners and a Sparkly Soul headband as always!  


I predict that we’ll SURPASS the goal of #1MillionMinutes – we’ll actually hit 5 Million minutes this summer! I predict that RUNNING will be the top-logged movement.

I’ll get extra minutes in by pushing the kiddos in the stroller all around the neighborhood !


My favorite way to get extra minutes in is by walking with Chad and the kidsChad is my BEST activity partner because he is so supportive! Our favorite way to relax post-workout is to grab some ice cream or hang on the back deck!

I tag Amy,Courtney, and  Teen to help us reach #1MillionMInutes… or more!

Be sure to visit HERE to start adding in your minutes to help us reach #1MillionMinutes ! What will keep you moving this summer?


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