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Checking In With the Health Guru: Jen Rini

If you remember back a few weeks, Kristen and I were super excited to be featured in an article in the News Journal.  What a cool experience!  Now the tables have been turned – and it is my turn to interview Jen Rini, the Health Editor for the News Journal.  Over the ten week “Move It Delaware” health challenge, she challenged readers to “move” at least 150 minutes a week.  She has no fear and will try any type of workout that is out there.  For example, Jen has played underwater hockey, played pickleball, rode horses, tried out a  Barre class, rowed the Christina River,  and got her booty kicked by a boxing workout – just to list out a few of her crazy workouts.

Jonesin’ caught up with Jen and managed to get the scoop on how amazing it is to have the word “Health” in your job title!


Let me start by saying that you have my dream job.  Trying out different workouts and writing about it sounds amazing.  How did you get started in journalism and how long have you been the Health Reporter for the News Journal?

I have been the health reporter for the News Journal for almost a year. Time has flown by! I’ve been working in the field for the past three years, but first fell in love with journalism in high school. My English teacher, a former journalist, was the advisor to the student paper we had and would amaze me with stories of her in the field in the United States and overseas. I was hooked!

Where do you go for inspiration for your articles? 

Talking to people in the community has helped me the most – finding out what health issues matter to them and what new and interesting fitness/nutrition programs make them tick. I’ll also look at what health studies have been released and follow national news stories for trends and technology.

Out of the countless health articles you have written, which article is your favorite – and why?

That is such a tough one! Hmm…the first one that comes to mind was a story we did around Christmas time about a dad who donated his kidney to his daughter – the Lee family. Without this kidney transplant the little girl had a high chance of not making it to the age of 4. It was incredible to hear about how surgeons helped to save this little girl’s life and the selflessness of this family. Makes me smile just thinking about it!

The Move It Delaware Health Challenge just recently ended.  Can you tell us a little about the Challenge? How many people participated in that challenge and how many minutes of activity were posted this year?

Over 3,000 people signed up for this year’s health challenge: Move It Delaware. We do a health challenge every year to inspire people to be healthier and learn to love themselves more. This year’s challenge was centered around “moving,” specifically getting in 150 minutes or more of physical activity a week. You could do whatever you loved – gardening, dancing, swimming – it all counts! All in all people logged over 2.1 million minutes.


Out of all of the fitness activities you tried over the 10 week Move It Delaware challenge, which activity was your favorite and why?

My favorite activity that I tried over the 10 week challenge was definitely kickboxing. It kicked my butt! I’ve never pushed myself as much as I did with this workout. It hurt to walk for days after. I had a newfound appreciation for boxers. They make it look so easy, but the stamina and endurance they need to do each move is incredible.

What is a typical workout like for you?  Do you have a favorite class, piece of equipment, running trail, etc.?

A typical workout for me usually alternates between running on the treadmill and doing free weights or trying a class at my gym, Club Fitness. I love the hip-hop abs class that I take! It’s fun and doesn’t feel like I am working out at all. I also love to walk my boyfriend’s dog at Brecknock Park or around Silver Lake Park in Dover, we always have fun exploring!

Do you have any other fun challenges planned for the News Journal this year?

For the rest of the year I will still be trying different types of exercise/physical activity. Move It isn’t over for me!


Do you have any personal fitness or health goals for this year that you would like to share?  Are you signed up for any races or events?

As for health goals, I’d like to get better at cooking healthy meals. I have the tendency to get lazy some days after work! I’d also like to train myself to get up earlier to workout in the morning. I think it’s a great way to start the day. I’m signed up for the Westside Superhero 5K in Wilmington this Saturday. They named me their honorary superhero which was such a surprise!

What is your proudest fitness accomplishment?

My proudest fitness accomplishment would have to be running my first 5K in February. I am not a runner whatsoever and didn’t think I could do it! I have been hooked ever since!

Good luck on your 5K this weekend, Jen!  I am sure you will do great. Be sure to check out Jen’s articles in the News Journal Health section. 

Did you participate in the News Journal’s Move It Delaware challenge?

What is the craziest thing you have done to get a workout in?  Leave a comment and let us know – we would love to hear about it!


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