CSA Box Review

What’s Inside: CSA Box Week #4


You would think with the school year being almost over I would have more time to work on posts, cook delicious dinners and just be all around more awesome-but I have found this end of school year push just makes things down right crazy!

While I usually try to have this post together for Wednesday’s I knew I had some time to buy since that was National Running Day. Did you get out there and celebrate on Wednesday? If not- do not worry you can run today, tomorrow and the next day!

This past week’s box was another good one. I had some amazing, delicious things and even one fail. Here is what we had in our box for week 4:

1 – Asparagus bunch (Wyoming, DE)
2 – Strawberry quarts (Wyoming, DE)
2 – Baby bok choy (MD)
1 – Red oak leaf lettuce (Salisbury, MD)
1 – Scallions bunched (Dover, DE)
2 – Kyuri cucumbers (Seaford, DE)
1 – Romaine lettuce head (MD)
1 – Sugar snap peas (DE)
1 – Spinach loose (Dover, DE)
1 – Easter egg radish bunch (Salisbury, MD)
1 – Kale bunch (MD)
1 – Napa cabbage head  (Easton, MD)
1 – bunch cilantro (MD)
1 – bunch cluster tomatoes (Ridgely, MD)

For the most part I knew I could these items to use with no problem. I was a little concerned about the Napa Cabbage and Baby Bok Choy but they turned out amazing and I cannot wait to share with you what I did with them. So let’s get right down to the good stuff!

cabbage salad

Crunchy Napa Cabbage Asian Salad– When I saw this recipe I was so excited because it used so many of the items I had in this week’s box- Cabbage, Radishes, Scallions, Cilantro, and Snap Peas! What a win! This salad had a great taste and the dressing and lightly toasted sliced almonds gave it an out of this world flavor!


radishsalad mixture

Next was DESSERT! Yum! I told you I was going to try out the Strawberry Cheesecake Lush and oh boy it was PERFECT! To quote my husband – “What was that called that you made for dessert? It may possibly be the most amazing thing you have ever made”

Sberry lush

So with that i was pretty excited how it turned out and how easy it was! I even had some help making it and of course taste testing it!

kitchen helper

taste tester

Another salad I made was Baby Bok Choy with Sesame Dressing! Again the combo of ingredients and dressing made me want to lick the bowl! The salad had some crunch in it due to the toasted almonds and toasted ramen noodles. This really was just downright good!

BC salad mixed

This salad was very easy to make and the dressing portion of the recipe made a decent amount of dressing. I have found that usually when I make these salad recipes I barely have enough dressing. This one made a lot so you do not have to worry about that!

bok choy

Isn’t the bok choy the cutest? 

bok choy salad

Courtney made a ground turkey Bok Choy stir Fry. You can watch this video here to see how it is made. As you can see Courtney’s turned out beautifully and very tasty.

Court BC

To finish off the asparagus, snap peas and radishes I went to another old stand-by: Stir Fry. I simply sauteed the veggies up and cooked with a little bit of olive oil, pepper and garlic salt. This is always an easy side item to add to dinner. The radishes have a great flavor when sauteed! They give off the appearance of a red potato but take WAY less time to cook which is nice.

stir fry

I had a major fail with the Strawberry Coffee Cake Muffins I tried to made. As always I followed the instructions, but the inside just seemed to not cook and they sunk down. I may have taken the directions to literally when it said to “load up with strawberries” — maybe I put in a few too many and the muffins just could not handle it.

Have you been enjoying the “What’s Inside” series? Do you have any favorite recipes to share from some of the unique vegetables we have been getting? Does the end of the school year seem to be a crazy time for you?

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