CSA Box Review

What’s Inside: CSA Box Week #3

CSA box 3

Another week of amazingly fresh vegetables and an adventure trying new things. Week 3 brought us again another variety of awesome fresh fruits and vegetables. Here is what we had in week 3 of our Community Supported Agriculture box:

  • Asparagus Bunch
  • 2 Quarts of Strawberries
  • Spring Mix Lettuce
  • Scallion Bunch
  • Burpless Cucumbers
  • Beets
  • Loose Spinach
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard
  • Local Yogurt
  • Hummingbird Tomatoes

week 3I so look forward to getting my preview email early in the week and begin scouring the Internet for recipes to use for the CSA items. Two “newbie” items for me this week were the beets and the Swiss chard. Courtney put her Swiss Chard to good use by making a Sausage- Chard Rigatoni recipe that she found through Rachel Ray.


I used mine using this recipe here: Swiss Chard Salad with wild rice and Strawberries! While it looked beautiful- It just was not my cup of tea. To me this type of green reminds me of Kale and I do not like the texture of kale or apparently swiss chard. Funny enough my picky husband ate every bite of his salad (he used his bottled dressing and a crunchy onion topping) but none the less he ate it all!

I do have some left over and I will try it in a recipe more like Courtney made or even maybe a quiche.. I will report next week how the second batch of using the chard goes 🙂

chard salad

The next item that took some time to research was the beets. I was relieved when I saw we had a beet preparation video in the email from Fifer’s! Thank goodness for the resource- it made roasting the beets a piece of cake because I was a bit nervous on what in the world I would do with them or even where to start!


We all made the same Roasted beet Salad and we all loved it! I even packed it for lunch for two days since I had plenty of lettuce and plenty of beets. The salad turned out beautifully and the dressing that the recipe had was again a winner! I actually made sure to have all the dressing ingredients on hand so I can use it on a regular basis! Be sure to check it out here: Roasted Beet Salad Recipe. Not only was it delicious- it was so pretty! I did sub the goat cheese for Gorgonzola but really any of your favorite cheeses would work here!

beet salad

Since we do eat asparagus quite a bit I try and keep things interesting and new. Since I still had some radishes left over I decided to sauté them together with some of the garlic olive oil I got for Christmas from the Fifer’s store. The olive oil gives just enough garlic taste- the perfect little addition when sautéing. I also added some scallions just for good measure!

asparagus and radishes

The Strawberries and Cucumbers were put to use the best ways I know how: Cucumbers and Vinegar (it just never gets old to me or my husband) and Strawberry Shortcake. Since I seem to be the only Strawberry shortcake lover in the house I have been lucky enough to have it for not only dessert, but also BREAKFAST!

I did find another Strawberry recipe that I plan to try out since we are getting more in our week #4 box! It is called Strawberry Cheesecake Lush and it looks awesome! You can check it out here. I will be so sad when strawberry season is over- it just does not seem to last long enough!


It has been another exciting and adventurous week and it is awesome knowing we are only 3 weeks in with so many more to go, plus all my garden goodies that will be here soon! I love being able to try new things that I would not otherwise go near at the grocery store. I have still not used that Kale- I have found if I do not plan ahead I struggle to fit all the amazing items into our meals!

Next week we have baby bok choy, cabbage and peas! Really excited about these items- and already starting to pre-plan some menu items!

I would love to hear your favorite Strawberry, beet and swiss chard recipes! Do you participate in a local CSA?

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