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Let the Good Times “Stroll”

K+stroller kids

While I log about half of my runs pushing the double stroller, I have only run one race while pushing the single BOB. (That happened to be last year’s Stroller Runnig Day) While I feel completely comfortable pushing my two little buddies on an afternoon stroll, I would not call these runs magnificent, awesome or even good most days. Not be negative or a downer but my double stroller runs consist of a lot of stop and go, fussing, things being thrown out of the stroller, little hands taking things from one another and the list kinda goes on. I try and not let these things mess with my running mojo and I try to distract, sing and ask as many questions as possible to keep my kids (almost 2 & 3) as happy as possible for as  long as possible.


I have shared with you tips for a successful stroller run, but mind you, this was with one little buddy along for the ride not two. When you add a second running buddy into the mix, things get pretty wild and crazy for me- hence why I have never pushed the double in a race. I have had plenty of epic single stroller runs but these are usually due to nap time coinciding with the run. I miss these and can only hope for a double stroller napping/running extravaganza sometime in the future!


Last week I was able to do some stroller intervals- That was pretty fun and actually seemed to keep the kids entertained. As I would do the 3:00 minutes steady (which to me translates to walk) my kids would cheer me on saying their go-to line of “momma- run, run!” Once my 3:00 minutes of “steady” finished it was time for 3:00 fast. During these 3:00 minutes the kids were great and chowed down on their popcorn, their new favorite stroller snack. I was pretty happy with this work out and thought there may be hope for a double stroller race one day.


The next day my sister invited me to come up to Dover for the Girls on The Run 5k event which was being held down the street from her house. I knew I would have to bring the kids with me and was nervous about braving a 5k with the kids. I started really thinking and then stopped stressing because we run 3 miles all the time in the double. While the 3 miles include snacks, sometimes tears, and lots of stopping to make sure everyone is ok- it is still 3 miles. I quickly got over the “stroller anxiety” and loaded up my go-to stroller run necessities (blankies, paci, sippy cups, and snacks) and hit the road for the 5k.

CoCo and R stroller

Once we arrived at the park my sister got the kids “GOTR Ready” and the rain started to come down. It was very humid and muggy so the rain actually felt pretty good. Before we even got near the starting line my kids had thrown out sippy cups and one blankie- so those items just got packed up. We then gathered up the girls and coaches and headed to the start line. My kids had so much to look at and seemed intrigued by the rain failing but only hitting their little toes. A few minutes later the race started and we were off for our first official double stroller 5k!


The course was a semi-double loop. We had to do one extra part at the start and one additional part at the end but overall it was two loops of Silver Lake and the neighborhood near by. I was still  a little sore from the St. Michales Half from the day before so I had no finishing time picked out- I simply wanted to cross the line with the double BOB!

As we came through the park portion of Silver Lake the crowds were there to cheer on the runners and man did they make me feel like a rock star! So many cheers and people yelling “Go Momma” it was truly awesome!

coming to finish double

We ended up finishing the race with one paci being thrown out on loop one, and one blankie being thrown out on loop two and no major meltdowns or issues besides the thrown objects. Luckily I was alerted by other runners when both things happened so I was able to scoop them up and continue on my way and we finished in 32 minutes.

finishing with double


I really enjoyed pushing both kids during the race. It was definitely challenging but also confidence boosting for me! As I was running, R my little cheerleader gave me my typical encouraging words of “Momma, Run” that always makes me smile! As we get closer to National Stroller Running Day (May 31st 2015) I hope that you will get out there and give a stroller race a try. When racing with a stroller remember it is not about your finish time but more that you are including your little running buddies on a great experience of working hard and finishing something! Both kids were obviously very tired from their first ever double stroller 5k race.

R sleeping

T sleeping

I cannot wait to hear about all the fun stroller runs that will take place later this month! I am so happy to share this experience with other stroller running moms and dads, and of course our little runny buddies! So remember- when racing with a stroller just let the good times stroll!

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How do you keep your little ones happy when stroller running? Have you had a good/bad stroller racing experience?

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3 thoughts on “Let the Good Times “Stroll”

  1. 32 min pushing 2 kids AND retrieving the stuff that got tossed out?? You ARE a rockstar!!!! My kids are teenagers and I am still inspired by your story.


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